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iTraveller is resolved to become the largest tech-enabled platform for holidays of India, with an ambitious target of $ one billion transactions by 2019. The idea is to inculcate the culture of online discovery and planning for holidays translating to a strong marketplace of travellers & native wholesale suppliers from travel destinations across the world.

Itraveller Quote

Who Are We?

iTraveller is a technology enabled market place for holidays. We have burned thousands of candles, spending hundreds of nights in crafting the philosophy of iTraveller, which is an utmost fine blend of travel and technology. iTraveller automates the native suppliers (sellers) at the backend and you at the front end, get to book your trips online.
We are not a travel agent and we don't charge any commissions from you. The idea is to cut the intermediaries, thereby bringing the best prices and value to the travellers.

What We Do?

iTraveller, founded in early 2012, have created a proprietary technology back bone, which functions as a market place for holidays. The travellers can discover, plan and book their trips, with options to completely customise & buy their trips online. On the supply side, iTraveller aggregates native wholesale suppliers who are responsible for the services, thereby panning out a scalable market place model, for the first time in India for holidays. The travellers who come online on iTraveller can choose their destinations, discover the hotels and transfers, compare reviews and plan their activities and sightseeing for their trips. By virtue of having the native wholesale suppliers who own the inventory and best prices on the platform, the travellers also get to discover the best available prices from the market. There are over 2 Lakhs trips created by users on iTraveller, features over 20 travel destinations across the globe and over 60 native wholesale suppliers from across these destinations. With the level of automation enabled in the supply chain of holidays, the users are able to plan & book their holidays with the same level of convenience of booking flights, hotels or bus tickets.

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  • Based in Bangalore, we are a small team of passionate guys - broadly into technology & marketing. Connect with us on Facebook or write to us, for anything interesting at founders@itraveller.com

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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality

iTraveller is the result of the commitment and dedication of a team of people who share a common vision to offer something, which is of immense value to travellers. The management team at iTraveller is tapping into a niche segment of travel by offering a comprehensive market place for travellers and native suppliers (hotels, DMCs, activity aggregators, transportation vendors, travel agents & tour operators)




Find out the latest news and views through all the media coverage we have been garnering in recent times. If you need to dig into more information to find out in detail about the iTraveller media coverage.
For all media enquiries related to iTraveller, please contact us via email on press@itraveller.com




Excited about having some kick out of work? Want to make work & life the same? Come to us! iTraveller is a place of innovation. Here we spend hours in finding ways to simplify the processes and automate the workflows - end objective is to keep the consumers's life simple & delighting!

Are you to geek?

  • Do you possess expertise (and also passion) in cloud computing, web technologies, UI/UX?

Are you a super destination manager??

  • Possess great convincing skills, learning about places & cultures, close deals on the fly?

Are you a perfectionist in operations support?

  • Super like in creating (and complying) the process, possess high level patience?

Are you a poet?

  • Do you love writing miles of content - about places, experiences, stories, nature & what not?

If your answer is YES for any of the above, write to recruitment@itraveller.com Avoid fancy resumes, just share a brief on how great fit you are for a startup life style.

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iTraveller has done the best possible use of technology in automating the supply chain of holiday packages. Our technology backbone is powering hundreds of travel agents and native tour operators across the destinations (prominently in India and a few overseas). With the help of our platform, the tour operators are not only able to go online, but also allow travelers to create their own customized itineraries, automate the bookings and also able to fulfill each and every promise given to travelers at the time of booking by having efficient back end automation with the hotels, transportation etc. Here's how iTraveller gets you tech-enabled,
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Our sales and support teams are available via phone, live chat, Twitter & email.

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    Plot No 118, Rod No.3, Whitefield,
    Bangalore - 560066.
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