List of 3 ‘Must Visits’ in God’s own country – Kerala!


The alias ‘God’s Own Country’ did not happen for no reason. Kerala is a magnificent land with the nature dress herself to look beautiful and pretty. Kerala is adorned with the lush green landscapes, calm and quiet backwaters, cool misty hill stations, architectural marvels bearing historic values, cultural diversity, amazing beaches and more. When it comes to spending a quality time with your loved ones, there can be no better place than the God’s Own Country.

Hill Stations
  1. Munnar: Known for soothing the perception of human eyes with the lush green tea estates spreading beyond the infinity, Munnar guarantees an evergreen experience that would always stay on top of the list of memories you’d love to cherish forever. The curvy ride up to the hill station takes you through the best of nature’s painting in green that is occasionally decorated with rocks that looks like they’ve been carved by the God himself, and the small and big waterfalls that sing in symphony with the music of misty breeze and cold atmosphere.munnar_hillstation
  2. Wayanad: Wayanad, known for its beauty and romantic climate is one of the best honeymoon destinations. The trekking and sight-seeing is fun filled. The jungle safari, magical Kuruva dweep, Edakkal caves, multiple waterfalls etc. guarantees to take your breath away.waynad
  3. Vagamon : The atmosphere and aroma of the place proves to be one of the best combination for nature lovers. It is a less explored hill station compared to Munnar and Wayanad, yet the most beautiful among all of them with a climate that never make you sweat even on a mid-day in midsummer. The greenery covered with 3 hills is beyond words or pictures.vagamon_hillstation
Backwaters & Islands
  1. Kumarakom & Allepey: are the most visited among the rest. The place is known for its very luxurious and sophisticated house boats and resorts that gives you a breath-taking experience. The lake outlined with the greenery and small villages soothe and rejuvenate your mind. They are well-known to be one among the most popular honeymoon destinations. Delectable food and cultural programs like Kathakali performances at the resorts and centers are added attractions here.backwatr_01
  2. Poovar Island: It lies between the sea and the backwaters which is 30kms from Trivandrum. The resorts with cottages that are in land as well as those floating on the water are so peaceful and relaxing. Its a perfect vacation to seek when you really need that break!backwatr_02
  3. Ashtamudi Lake: Situated at Kollam is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kerala. This lake is also called the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. This placid stretch of backwaters has some spectacular views of houseboats, merchant boats sailing through, ducks flocking by and the beautiful traditional Chinese fishing nets on the banks.backwatr_04
  1. Kovalam: This is one of the most favorite spots for the tourists including the westerners. The shallow water and low tidal waves makes it best for water sports and swimming. Life on the beach begins late in the day and is lively until late night. Themed restaurants and sumptuous seafood attract the tourists.kovalam_beach
  2. Cherai: One of the less explored beaches when it comes to tourism. The coconut grooves and paddy fields around it makes it all-the-more tranquil. Dolphins are occasionally found here. Watch out for them!cherai_beach
  3. Varkala: Along with the beautiful beach and mineral water springs, Varkala resorts offer luxury in abundance for the tourists. Health resorts and yoga centers are other major attractions here. The Ayurvedic massages and therapies that some of the resorts are know to one of world’s best.varkalabeach


  1. Athirapally waterfalls: The most famous waterfalls of Kerala is the Athirapally waterfalls, which stands tall at 80 feet. This magnificent sight is definitely a treat to your eyes!athirapallyfalls
  2. Palaruvi or the ‘stream of Milk’: The natural beauty of this spectacular waterfall attracts picnickers every year. You have to trek through dense forests to reach the waterfall and the experience is definitely memorable. The misty white color of the falling water gives the name “Palaruvi” or “the stream of milk” to this waterfall.palaruvi_falls
  3. Meenmutti Waterfalls: One of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Kerala is the Meenmutti Waterfalls located at Wayanad. An interesting 2km jungle trek will lead to Meenmutty waterfalls. Water drops from almost 1000ft cascading through rocks, captivating beauty to its fullest.meenmutty_fallas
  1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:  Situated on the banks of the Periyar Lake – an artificial lake, at Thekkady. Here the high ranges of the Western Ghats are clothed in dense evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savannah grasslands. Below this thick green canopy roams herds of elephants, sambars, tigers, gaurs, lion tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs etc.Periyar
  2. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: The breeding season of resident wetland birds such as Indian Darter, Little cormorant, different species of egrets and herons, white ibis, several species of kingfishers, etc is in the months of June to August. It’s a must visit if you want to get some good clicks of these beautiful birds and see them in their habitats.Kumarakam bird
  3. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary: Aralam, a village in Thalassery, Kannur. Covered with tropical and semi evergreen forests, the Aralam Sanctuary is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna endemic to the Western Ghats. Elephant, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, Nilgiri langur, Hanuman langur, Malabar giant squirrel, etc. can be seen here.aralam_wildlife
 Historical and Monumental
  1. Bekal Fort: Bekal Fort claims to be 300 year old and its one of the best preserved  in Kerala. It offers a splendid view of the Arabian sea. The fort was primarily built as a defensive structure and therefore has no palace inside. The fort was supposedly constructed in 1650s by Sivappa Naik of the Ikkeri dynasty. Later on, the fort also passed into the hands of Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and Britishers. It is now one of the favorite shooting spots for film-makers.bekal_fort
  2. Fort Kochi: Take a stroll down this locale and you will see historical monuments at each and every nook of this island. Fort Emmanuel, Dutch cemetery,  Jewish Synagogue and Jew Town, David Hall are some of the beautiful structures you would be witnessing. The historical relevance of these places would truly amaze you. Do not miss out on the tasty food and the some exciting shopping on Jew street.fort_cochin (1)
  3. Bolgatty Palace: Situated at the Bolgatty Island, this palace was built by one of the Dutch traders. This well-preserved legacy is now an exclusive mansion and provides for excellent accommodation for  its tourists. The world class amenities and the majestic ambiance definitely gives you an island experience worth it.bolgattypalace (1)


  1. Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple: This temple is located in the center of Thiruvananthapuram. Constructed in Dravidian style, this massive structure attracts pilgrims from all over the country. The deity Padmanabha is beautifully enshrined in the eternal yogic sleep posture on a serpent. The biggest festival in the temple is Laksha Deepam (which means thousands of lamps).Padmanabhaswamy-Temple
  2. Guruvayoor temple: The deity worshiped here is Lord Krishna. One of the most popular and oldest temples of Kerala, this is one of most important Krishna temples in India. Devotees give lighting as an offering during temple festivals. Weddings are conducted with basic rituals in the outer area of this temple.guruvayur-temple
  3. Chottanikkara temple: Goddess Bhagwati is beautifully embellished inside this amazing architecture. Goddess is worshiped in different forms through the day – Saraswati in the morning, Lakshmi in the noon and Durga in the night. Goddess is believed to cure mental illnesses.Chottanikkara_Temple