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Amazing Switzerland train journeys

Imagine this. You are sitting by a large window. Gazing outside, you catch a glimpse of quaint thatched homes scattered on lush green valleys, the backdrop is ornate with snow-capped mountains and with time the scenery outside is replaced by yet another beautiful one. You also have a fine spread of delicious food and wine in front of you as you leisurely pass panoramic landscapes. No, we aren’t describing the journey to heaven, we are talking about a place that is very much real. Switzerland is not just the land of unparalleled natural beauty and delicious cheese & chocolate, it’s also the place where you can go on absolutely spectacular train journeys. Of the many things this country lures in tourists with, its train journeys are one of the main draws. Often regarded as the best ways to explore the country, scenic Switzerland train journeys are one of the most amazing things you’ll experience in life.

Switzerland train journeys

When you finally get to plan that dream Switzerland vacation, make sure you plan it such that it includes scenic train journeys, allowing you to make even the journeys as special as the destination. Here is everything you need to know when you plan your Switzerland train journeys.

Top Swiss trains scenic routes

Though any train journey in Switzerland promises some stunning scenery, there are a few Swiss train scenic routes that are the best at showcasing Switzerland’s splendour.

#1 Glacier Express

Glacier express

Route: St. Moritz – Zermatt

Duration: 7.5 Hours

Fare: Free for Eurail Pass holders. Reservations are required.

The Glacier Express takes you through the majestic Swiss Alps, idyllic valleys, refreshing pine forests and magical Swiss villages, and along the way fills you up with childlike wonder. Also known for being “The world’s slowest Express train”, Glacier express chugs by scenic landscapes that are truly awe-inspiring. It is said that during winters it looks like you are travelling through Narnia and during summers you feel as though you are on a fantastical Disneyland ride. So when you go looking for Switzerland train tours, glacier express should be on top of your list!

The coaches of Glacier Express are modern and equipped with large spotless panoramic windows. You can choose to complement the wonder-ride with food and wine that is available. it’s worth mentioning that the food is exceptionally good and they have an excellent wine list.

You can find more details about Glacier express detail on their official site here or let us help you book a Switzerland train tour of Glacier express by clicking here.

#2 Bernina Express

Bernina express

Route: Chur / St. Moritz – Tirano (Italy)

Duration: 4h 13m

Fare: Covered by Eurail pass. Reservation is required.

         Regular booking: 90 CHF + 10 CHF(Reservation fee)

If you plan of just taking one of the Scenic Switzerland journeys then doing regular booking is recommended. If you plan on using the Swiss Rail to explore the rest of Switzerland, then taking Swiss Rail pass or  Eurail Pass is highly recommended, as it saves up a lot of money.

If there is a train that competes for the title of “Top Switzerland Scenic train journeys” after Glacier express, it’s the Bernina Express. The route of Bernina Express runs by Switzerland’s spectacular Grisons, takes you through 55 tunnels and crosses about 196 bridges. Connecting the glistening glaciers of Switzerland to the rejuvenating palms of Italy, the Bernina Express is listed as a UNESCO world heritage sites. One of the highlights of this scenic Switzerland train journey is the Brusio spiral viaduct. Both Winter and Summer train journeys in Bernina express have their own charm and give a completely different experience.       

Watch Video: Top Scenic Swiss Train Journeys

#3 Jungfraujoch


Route: 1. Lauterbrunnen – Wengen – Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfrau

              2.     Interlaken – Zweilütschinen – Grindelwald – Kleine Scheidegg -Jungfrau

Duration: 2 hours (Approx)

Fare:  25% Discount on tickets for Eurail pass holders

If you are planning on visiting Switzerland in Summers, then this train journey should definitely be a part of your itinerary. Jungfraujoch, popularly known as “Top of the world”, is Europe’s highest Railway station, situated at a height of 11,000 feet. The cogwheel trains “Jungfraubhan”, run along the Jungfrau Railways take you on a marvelous journey that will keep your eyes glued to the window. And once you’ve traveled through panoramic landscapes you are greeted by one of the best views in the world when you reach the top. Apart from the breathtaking views, there are a few more tourist attractions that will make taking this Scenic Swiss train route absolutely worth it!

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#4 GoldenPass Line

GoldenPass line

Route: Lucerne – Interlaken – Zweisimmen – Montreux

Duration: 5 Hrs 8 Min

Fare: Covered by Eurail Pass. Reservation not necessary.  

The GoldenPass line is one of the most popular routes among the tourists as it connects the top tourist destinations in Switzerland. A journey that takes you through Switzerland’s best vistas, Lakes, wine estates, mighty mountains and charming villages. The GoldenPass Line is divided into three sections: One- Lucerne to Interlaken Ost, Two- Interlaken Ost to Zweisimmen, Three- Zweisimmen to Montreux. The Swiss rail is well connected and if you plan it right you can visit the best of Switzerland’s places and enjoy the Journeys while you are at it. 

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So, ready to plan a holiday in Switzerland that includes a life-altering train journey? 

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