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10 Offbeat Experiences You Must Have In Himachal Pradesh

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  The beauty that the state of Himachal Pradesh holds is simply unparallel. The majestic Himalayas surround Himachal Pradesh from all side bestowing upon it natural galore. This state has always been the favourite among nature and adventure lovers all over the world. Trying new offbeat experiences in Himachal Pradesh …

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Hotels Target Increased Sales, Customer Retention With iTraveller Hotel Direct

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We were delighted with the data generated from an early pilot with over 120 hotels from 18 places/cities in India. Most of them were leisure destinations like Munnar, Goa, Thekkady and Kovalam, where they have substantial dependencies around seasonality of businesses. The subject hotels have been able to witness over 30% …

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Why Vanilla When You Deserve More?

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Why would someone settle for a vanilla when there are more than one better options around? Hotels are more than delighted to help you with everything what you dream of when it comes to customisation – say the frequent travellers who book often on iTraveller Hotel Direct. If so, here’s …

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Hotels Become Better Listeners to Guests Using iTraveller Hotel Direct


Hoteliers – Here’s one more rock-solid reason to try out iTraveller Hotel Direct today! The hoteliers who have started digging deeper on iTraveller Hotel Direct app have started listening to their guests more often that earlier. On iTraveller seamless group communication app, they now see how quickly (or slowly) their …

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Remote Control Your Hotel Experience with iTraveller Hotel Direct


Did you know that the first ‘remote-control’ invented by Zenith Radio Corp back in 1950 was a wired one, latched to the TV and didn’t have a contact-less feature? And can you imagine the word has stuck us for so long as ~70 years since its invention and been able to …

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Happy Independence Day, Fellow Indians!

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  While you live in your current times, it’s that so difficult to realise the value of independence. Every ‘haves’ around us are measured relative to the ‘have-nots’ and we live in a time when one can’t even imagine how the life could be without the so-called independence. Well, that …

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Hoteliers – Engage With Your Guests 24X7!

Hotels Flyer 10th Aug

Hoteliers There – Heading for a long weekend, planning to take a break yourself too? Do you have a plan in place (people in place) to stay connected with the guests seamlessly, when you are away? If not, try iTraveller Hotel Direct now! On iTraveller Hotel Direct, your guests are …

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Enjoy Flexibility with iTraveller Hotel Direct

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Finding flexibility isn’t easy with regular booking channels; more so when it comes to cancelling the booking or making amendments to the trip on the fly. But don’t you think it’s easier when you deal directly with the hotels? Agreed, the experiences won’t be uniform from places to places & hotels to …

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Travel Agents Discover a New Tool with iTraveller Hotel Direct

Travel Agents there? Have you ever thought of making use of iTraveller Hotels Direct app when it comes to engaging with multiple hotels at the same time as part of your bookings? Take a look at 1700+ travel agents and tour operators in India who are doing just that. They …

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Avoid a family fight over your next holidays – Go Hotel Direct!

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Managing the diversity of expectations have always been a trouble. For some, this isn’t a big challenge when it comes to professional engagements – for example, you solve the ones at office like a cake walk. But how easy is it to manage diverse expectations at home, especially for something …

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