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Eleven Jackasses You Should Avoid while Travelling

We all like to go out on a vacation to unwind and get de-stressed. It’s a break from the monotony of daily life. You visit new places, meet new people, engage in leisure activities and come back with new experiences and renewed energy.

But life is not smooth sailing all the time. Not all people you meet make your journey a pleasant one. Here are 10 types of jackasses you should avoid during your journey so it doesn’t end up becoming a nightmare.

1. The Yakking One

You may want to avoid the endless glib talkers who refuse to see you are ‘not interested’. By the time they take a biscuit break, you know their entire family history, their family politics, their opinion on politics and religion… Give me a break. Just run away from them!


2. The Boozing One

Wanna be on a high! Well, you may be tempted to say cheers but not when you are travelling. You never know when you end up in a soup. Avoid (alcohol) drinking and drinkers.

3. The Snoring One

These are people who only need a silly excuse to doze off every next minute. They sometimes hover over your shoulder and the worst is when they start snoring. You may be running for cotton to plug into your ears or a clip to clip their nostrils!

4. Drug Peddler


This one is either carrying a packet weed or smoking up some. He may offer you some for a good price. Stay away!

5. Unsolicited Salesmen

Travelling can end up as a nightmare if you become a victim of cheeky salesman. These unscrupulous salesman enters every public transport to sell you cheap and high quality stuff. You can avoid them by sternly refusing their offer.

6. Cheeky Characters

Be alert and vigilant so you can avert any possibility of becoming a victim of flesh trade or any other illegal activity. Do not entertain suspicious strangers in hotel or on streets. They often come in the garb of local folks.

7. Religious Preachers


It is not that you can avoid passing by religious preachers, but it is always a good idea to avoid having a conversation with them. They strongly believe in their faith and torture you by giving sermons for hours together.

8. Misinformed Guide


You should stay away from a guide who misguides you with wrong information. It’s always advisable to go for a certified agent or do your own research before visiting the place.

 9. Bad Body Odours

Bad Body odour Man/

People who are not aware of their body odour can change your experience of the journey. All you can do is move away from them to spare your poor nose.

10. Autowalas

It’s always better to walk or use other public transport such as buses and trains than take autorickshaws in an unknown or secluded area.

11.The Duping One

The ‘Language Unknown Guy’

Never give out your details or offer to help any unknown person calling for your attention, especially if you can sense anything suspicious about him/her. He/she may well be laying a trap! Better to avoid than regret later.

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