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Favourite ‘Maa ke Haath ke’ Dishes!!


When you stay far away from home, family and your mother who loves you the most, that is when you seriously realise how much you miss being at home, being pampered and fed.

Every meal you take reminds you of your mother who, according you is your best cook, and adds a secret ingredient called ‘LOVE’ into your favourite dish and serves it to you.

So here we come up few maa ke haath ke dishes, which I am sure would turn on your taste buds.


Bhutte ki Kees (Chaat made of grated corn)

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Bhutte ki kees is a seasonal dish from Indore, which is a food destination with tantalizing taste of the street food, and makes Indore unforgettable experience. Bhutte ki kees is one of the nutritious dishes prepared across Madhya Pradesh for breakfast.


Paani Santula (Boiled veggies in soupy base)

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Paani santula, one of the healthiest side dishes with rotis, is popular among the people from Odisha. It is considered to be a must have dish for the dinner, as it contains high nutrition and fibre while being light on stomach.


Gatte ki Sabzi 


An authentic dish from Rajasthan, this is a delicious curry made of gram flour dumplings.The spicy curd gravy-makes it irresistible.

Tastes best with Rotis and plain rice.


Machher Jhol (Fish stew)


A traditional Bengali and Oriya dish, it is a spicy fish stew served best with steaming rice.


Puran Poli (also Holige or Bobbatu)


A popular sweet dish, of flat bread — the stuffing is usually of chana dal or Bengal gram. Usually made during festivities, Puran poli has various traditional names and methods of preparation.


Ragi Mudde or Ragi Sankati 


It is a staple and healthy food of the state Karnataka and parts of Andhra. Ragi flour is cooked and is served with soupy curry like chicken gravy or even with Dal.




A mouth-watering snack of Gujarati cuisine, khandvi is primarily made of gram flour with yougurt.

It is commonly eaten as appetizer or a healthy snack.




A tangy soup, originated in south India, now is adapted all over the country!


Rasam is a mandatory dish in the traditional south Indian lunch.



Chana Ghugni


An evening snack of Bihar, chana ghugni is high in dietary fibre and great source of protein for the vegetarians. It is one of very few snacks which you can have guilt free without worrying much about dietary issues.


Litti Choka 


A traditional dish of Jharkhand and Bihar, litti choka is served as an evening snack served with choka made of brinjal, potato and tomato.

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