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Fifteen Popular Chakna around the World

Imagine an evening with your buddies, booze and you. Wait, what? Drinks and no chakna? No way!! If you do not have the right side dish along with your drink, let me tell you, it is going to be quite dampening. Here we bring you 15 famous mouth-watering chaknas that go well with your drink.

Popular chakna around the world

1. French Fries and Potato ChipsFrench fries

Pocket friendly, simple and delicious, French fries and potato chips are some of the universal favourites! Available in a wide variety, these crispy bites go well with a host of beverages. You can enhance it with whatever topping you like and add more fun to your drinking party.

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2. Peanutschakna

Fried ones, salted ones, peanuts with tomatoes and onions and some masalas can add masala to your party! You can find this anywhere and everywhere. A quintessential to your beer sips, peanuts is one of the most favourites of side dishes.

3. Tandoori Chicken

tandoori chicken

The mouth-watering roasted Tandoori chicken is a great favourite with all kinds of drinks. Marinated with the special tandoori masala and curd, this chakna can be accompanied with a host of other side dishes.

4. Paneer Tikka

paneer tikka

This vegetarian’s tandoori chicken is what even non-vegetarians cannot resist having. Paneer tikka goes well with onions, mint leaves chutney. Now, that will make your jug of beer go jealous!

5. Veg Crispy


Another vegetarian chakna here, that too Chinese! Now that got to be yummm! Vegetables fried and cooked in a typical Chinese style is a good chakna for the vegetarians.

6. Stuffed Mushrooms


Stuffed mushrooms are loved by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to accompany with their drinks. But people with allergies…beware!

7. Jhinga Frychakna

Imagine having a seaside party with your friends, drinks and prawn fries.. heavenly! Jhinga fry, prawns koliwada, butter garlic prawns… all of these are delicacies you must try with your drinks.

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8. Fish Fry & Fish Fingers


This is common scene in most of the coastal areas. Fish is fried in the classic spicy Indian batter while fish fingers are fish sticks. It does make an amazing chakna with whiskey.

9. Masala Papadchakna

Cheapest and yummiest side dish along with drinks is masala papad. The crispy masala papad, topped with nuts, tomatoes, onions and coriander leaves definitely makes a great chakna with whatever the drink is.

10. Onion Ringschakna

Simple and tasty! Onions are dipped in a batter or bread crumbs and deep fried. Some people even use a beer batter instead. Must try!

11. Chicken Wings chakna

Tender inside, crispy outside. We have our signature KFC chicken wings for that matter!

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Give a Mexican twist with Nachos and cheesy dips. These crispy varieties make your party merrier. Masala papad in a Mexican way, I would say!


Spicy, fiery Kebab with whiskey has to be an amazing combination. Enjoying the favourite place in every Indian’s heart, this is bound to be the must-have chakna with Indians when it comes to snacking during happy hours.

14.Chilli Cheese Toast chakna

A common dish in most of the Sport’s bars! This crispy, cheesy and spicy chilli cheese toast is among the favourites of any beer lover. You can also include few add ons and give it your own twisty flavour.

15. Bhujiachakna

You can just munch on Bhujia forever. In India, it is a common thing for snack time for most. Spicy, salty and tangy!

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