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Places to party in Goa – Time to get wild

Goa can easily be called the Las Vegas of India because here, you can party all night long and have the craziest of times ever. The best part about Goa is that it is so versatile, it is perfect for couples, families, groups and even solo travelers. And if you are looking for some happening places then you are in luck because you will find some of the best places to party in Goa. But that’s not all, what makes Goa the party hub of India is that you can sometimes stumble upon a great rave party in Goa too.

Places to party in Goa

Don’t know what a rave party is? Well, Goa is full of them. Rave parties meaning an electronic musical
dance party where you can dance all night long on the performances by live performers and DJs. These parties usually happen in dark spaces where there are a lot of laser lights and machines to create the mood and maybe, just maybe, the distribution of some high-end drug like Ecstasy too. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get drugged at the rave parties in Goa but dancing all night under laser lights sure sounds like a lot of fun, right?

Well, the fun has just begun because as the winter approaches, the number of parties and nightclubs open in Goa increases temendously. And so, if you are planning a visit to this party paradise, then here are the best nightclubs in Goa to check out for some happening time. In this list, we will be mentioning some of the best places to party in Goa along with a few rave parties in Goa which will definitely show you a good time.

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Best places to party in Goa

LPK, Nerul

places to party in goa

LPK (Love Passion Karma) is undoubtedly one of the best nightclubs in Goa and attracts a lot of crowd during all days of the week. The ambiance, songs (commercial Bollywood hits), and the architecture of this place is completely different from all the other party places in Goa. But, you know what is the best part about this place?

Well, it has two poles for people to dance against. Yes, you heard me right! In LPK, you can fulfill your long dream of pole dancing and can have the time of your life. This is why dancing in this club is one of the top things to do in Goa for bachelors and trust me, you will come across a lot of bachelors here. So, who knows you might even meet some amazing people to hang out with?

Curlies, Anjuna Beach

Places to party in Goa

Anyone who has ever been to Anjuna Beach knows that Curlies is the best place to attend a rave party in Goa. Lying on the South Anjuna Beach, Curlies is one of the best places to party in Goa as they have a nice deck area on top with fluroscent lights to give you an authentic trance feel.

Here, you can party till the sun comes up and let yourself loose in the techno/trance music. And if you are lucky then you might also witness a great rave party here!

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Club Cubana, Arpora

 Places to party in Goa

Club Cubana is not only one of the best nightclubs in Goa but also in the entire Asian continent. This is a humongous, multi-level nightclub where you can party under the twinkling lights. How? Because this is an open air club! Yes! Isn’t that just fantastic?

With its pool and several dance floors, it is easy to get lost here but don’t worry, this won’t stop you from having fun because the view and the ambiance are going to blow your minds. This place is also known as ‘the night club in the sky’ since it is situated on the Arpora hill which makes this one of the best places to party in Goa.

Hilltop, Vagator

Places to party in Goa

Another popular spot for a rave party in Goa is the Hilltop on Vagator which is the favorite place of all trance lovers. Here, you can dance to some pumping beats every Sunday from 5 p.m. and can see how mind-blowing rave parties can actually be.

While international DJs play some pulsing trance music, you can loose yourself in the neon lighting and
forget all your worries and anxieties for a while. And if you truly want to experience a psychedelic rave party here, then check out this place during Christmas or New Years. The rave parties are out of the world and last for more than 24 hours at that time!

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Tito’s Lane, Baga

 Places to party in Goa

Tito’s Lane is one of the few places which you can head to if you want to party in Goa tonight because every night is a party night here! This place is lined with amazing bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. which are blasting some amazing commercial Bollywood hits for you to groove on.

Once you are completely intoxicated here, you can move on to Cafe Mambo’s to dance to the tunes of Hip
Hop, R ‘n’ B, and some rocking House music.

Shiva Valley, Anjuna Beach

 Places to party in Goa

Last, but not the least, we have Shiva Valley which is popularly known as the ‘Temple of Trance’ where
you can hear some old school Goan trance music. This places holds a psy trance rave party every Tuesday where you
can dance and party till the sun rises.

Here, you will meet fellow rave dancers and hippies to keep you company on the shores till the music stops. And trust me, it will be a long time before it actually does.

Well, excited to head over to Goa now? You can check out iTraveller’s Goa packages to make the entire trip smoother and more convenient for you.

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