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Hacking the Indian Monsoon !

Living in Chennai over the years has made me fear for 2 seasons in the year. The Summer and the Monsoon! When the summer sets into a city that is already furnace like and has energy-sapping humidity, it just makes it tough for living. The summer was here, and I was particularly feeling the heat. I was not sure if Chennai was feeling warmer, or has the air conditioning over the years reduced my tolerance toward the heat. The car air conditioning on my 10-year-old Santro was giving up, against the heat. Even the air-conditioners have a tough time trying to fight against the sun. Technology versus nature, was basically a lopsided battle, that nature was winning. We live in the age of instant gratification, and with apps providing you experiences that were a few taps away, I asked myself what could I do to change the weather?

Escaping the Chennai Heat

It was summer season all over India. Most of South India would be reeling from the summer heat. The hill stations would have temperatures 3-4 degrees lesser than the cities. Nothing drastic, that I could expect. Maybe If I could buy a new AC at home, and blast it at the minimum 16 degrees, I would have a great weekend. It was then, I overheard my friend speaking on the phone, that his friend in Kerala was caught in the rains. Rains? Must be the passing showers when it gets too hot. I have seen showers earlier in the past at Bangalore, whenever the temperature got unbearable during the day. Maybe it was similar showers. I asked him where, and it was revealed that the person on the phone owned a resort in Munnar and it was raining cats and dogs.

Rain in Munnar

I checked Twitter, and the news, if there were some widespread rain and devastation, and I found nothing. Why would it rain in the summer, I asked my friend? He said in this hilly village between Munnar and Kochi, the rains are always around the corner. Maybe that was the elixir of life, I was waiting for. Some research and 2 hours later, I had a bus ticket to Munnar and I had booked a taxi to the resort called ‘Wild Elephant Resort’. The next morning, after wading through the sunshine filled Tamil Nadu, the energy sapped and diesel hungry bus trudged its way by afternoon to Munnar. I realized that traveling to Kochi would have been quicker and easier from Chennai. In about 45 minutes, we are at the resort.

Getting cosy at ‘Wild Elephant Resort, Munnar’

In a matter of 15 hours, I had hacked the Indian Monsoon, right from the depths of the Chennai Summer. Here I was with a room, that could house about 10 people, across a ground and mezzanine floor, facing the clouds on the mountains. Our balcony had a view of the valley and the mist. The floor below could accommodate around 4 people, and around 6 on the mezzanine level, where the roof was.

Wild Elephant Resort in Munnar

We warmed up by having some warm soup, and tea, plonking the plastic chairs on the balcony.

View from Balcony

It had an infinity pool with a view to die for, and the greens of the vegetation all around that only Kerala could conjure up. The blues of the pool and the greens of the mountains were accentuated by the light of the evening skies. Neither too bright or too dark. A twilight kind of a gaze, fell in the pool, though the scene on the mountains had a lot of overcast clouds, that was threatening to ruin our mood lighting, that was making us smile and jump into the pool

Infinity Pool at the Resort

After a nice warm water bath, I proceeded to remove my shirt and feel the warmth of the evening sun on my body, along with my friends by the pool. In a little while, while the golden hour was on, we dunked into the pool, cooling and warming our bodies in unison. Nature had worked out a great deal for us in just under 24 hours. Nature had beaten Technology again, but this time we were on nature’s side.

Trek to the Falls

The next morning, we got up early and heard from the restaurant manager that there was a small waterfall nearby, and one had to trek up the tea gardens and find a way across a little waterbody on a hill, and then we would be directed to the waterfall. We woke up, as fresh as the green leaves, that had been watered by the previous night’s rains, and walked with energy and vigor to exploring the waterfall in the little village. In about 30 minutes, we were bathing by the waterfall, completely oblivious to the weather zone we would be the next morning. 2 days or around 30 hours that weekend, we had hacked the way to cooling our bodies, doing time travel to the monsoon, which had not arrived yet on our coast. We found our elixir, and it did not cost as much as 25% of the cost of the new air conditioner. Hacking the Indian monsoon was so much fun!

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