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Honeymoon in Turkey: Explore the mystique and the fantasy

With Islam as the predominant faith and religion practiced here, Turkey is an intriguing mix of east and west with cultural influences from ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. The unending coastline and cultural extravaganza that the nation displays sets just the right vibe for romance and adventure. Creating indelible memories with your partner as you saunter down the aisles that give you a glimpse of archaic Turkey is an unparalleled experience. Needless to say, Turkey not only let us relax in nature’s tranquility but also gave us an opportunity to see history and modernity come together. Read on to know more about our experiences during our honeymoon in Turkey.

Personal Experience of Honeymoon in Turkey

Istanbul – Our First Destinationhoneymoon in Turkey

We started our honeymoon in Turkey with Istanbul. The historical grandeur and rich heritage always prompted us to delve deeper into this city. Istanbul treated us with some breath-taking views of the shoreline as we leisurely strolled around the Bosphorous Straight. The cool breeze and serene waters kick-started our journey on a romantic note as we took this time to luxuriate in each other’s presence. Suleymaniye Hamami that provides an authentic experience of a Turkish bath helped us relax our mind and body so that we could explore the city without any speck of exhaustion or fatigue.honeymoon in Turkey

We also took a tour of some mosques like Blue Mosque, Sulemaniye Mosque and Hagia Sophia to marvel at their architectural splendour. To indulge in our respective shopping sprees and gaze at the culture and art of Turkey, we had kept one day aside for the Grand Bazaar. We can clearly remember gaping at the sheer size of the bazaar and the magnificence of the objects that adorned it.honeymoon in Turkey

Bodrum – A Perfect Seaside Getawayhoneymoon in Turkey

The next destination on the itinerary was Bodrum, an ultimate Turkish seaside getaway. This town preserves the architecture and technique of the Ottoman Empire in the Bodrum Castle and St. Peter’s Castle. The Underwater Archaeology Museum is a new addition to the Bodrum Castle. The vast number of beaches located here presented us with a lot of variety and exquisite dining experience. The Halikarnas Night Club was the favourite part of our vacation as we tried some authentic wine and food in the open air club designed like an amphitheatre.honeymoon in Turkey

Pamukkale – Turkey’s Famous Natural Wonderhoneymoon in Turkey

After an evening of fun and frolic, we headed to take a dip in the travertine. Pamukkale is particularly known for the mineral-infused thermal waters. Pamukkale’s thermal pools are formed as a result of water flowing down the white terraces that are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock formed by water from hot springs.honeymoon in Turkey

Honeymoons are definitely incomplete if you haven’t laid down on grassy beds and spent some romantic moments gazing at nature’s wonder and beauty. We then visited the famous pool called as Cleopatra’s pool which is near the water terraces. We also utilised our time here to visit Hierapolis, an ancient Roman spa city next to Pamukkale. The city still preserves some ruins and the Hieropolis theatre.

Cappadocia – The Place with Mysterious Underground Citieshoneymoon in Turkey

A glimpse of Turkey from the aircraft made us wonder if we could actually gaze at this place from the sky. When a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia gave us that vantage point, we embarked on this journey of admiring the beauty of this town from up above. The cone-shaped rock formations appeared like uncanny structures as we leisurely rode in the balloon.

Ankara – The Capital City of Turkeyhoneymoon in Turkey

Lastly, we decided to close our honeymoon in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. A major hub for performing arts, Ankara boasts of the State Opera and Balet and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. Since we had indulged a lot in the history of Turkey, we decided to watch a play at one of the theatre companies.honeymoon in Turkey

Atakule in Ankara provided us with a unique dining experience. The restaurant, Sevilla rotated 360 degrees in an hour to present panoramic views of this sprawling cosmopolitan city. Atakule was opened in 1989. It is a communications and observation tower that is 40 feet tall.  Ankara has efficiently managed to keep up with modernisation while retaining its historical elements.

Being adventure and nature lovers both, we tried to explore every facet of Turkey. Whether it was the ruins from ancient empires or tall buildings that presented the ‘new’ and untarnished side of Turkey. It was comforting to soak in the vibe of this place with my partner.

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