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Indian Army serving MotherLand at Extreme Conditions!!

Indian armed forces are responsible for maintaining and protecting sovereignty of the country, which consists of Navy, Army and Border Security Force. It is also supported by Assam Rifles and Special Frontier Force. Guarding the border in even extreme weather conditions is one of the Hercules task of the Indian Army, which includes Siachen glaciers, Kashmir etc from external elements entering the country.


On one hand there is enemy hardly 100 meters and on another hand is extreme weather condition. While battling the climate conditions these soldiers make sure peace exists in the border areas. Here are 10 extreme weather conditions where our Armed forces shows the courage to brave in.

Siachen Glaciers

The Siachen Glacier is located in the eastern range of Karakoram in Himalaya borders. The temperature in the region come down to as low as 50 degree Celsius. Soldiers even die from harsh weather conditions. Sometimes weather condition come down to such an extent where even exposure of arms can make them fall apart. Due to thick snow cover in the region, this check posts in the area remain unexposed from the rest of the country. Apart from extreme weather conditions Avalanche also poses risk to soldiers. But despite this weather conditions Army guards this border area from external elements.

Indo-Pakistan Border Rajasthan

Indo-Pakistan Border
Indian Armed Forces guards the Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan under extremely hot weather conditions. This place temperature shoot up to 50 Celsius in sometimes and dust storms make it difficult to survive. This place is a desert which is usually considered unfit for habitation. Army patrol and guard this area despite this extreme hot weather conditions.

Indo-Chinese Border Arunachal Pradesh

Indo-Chinese Border Arunachal
Indo-Chinese border in Arunachal Pradesh is considered as one the tensed area. This border dispute in the area have been prevalent from a long time, China even went to extent marking it as its own in Google map. These areas are not populated and remains disconnected from the rest of civilization and connectivity. The unstable weather conditions and geography of the region makes it hard nut to crack. Heavy rainfall is considered a troublemaker but Armed forces overcome all the hindrances. In the region and guard the area.

Indo-Chinese Border, Sikkim

Indo-Chinese Border,

Indo-Chinese border in Sikkim is another tensed area. Here unstable and unpredictable weather conditions makes it difficult to access and live during most of the days in the year. Army guards the area being prepared for any weather conditions.

Dras, Kashmir

Dras is a small town located in Kargil of Jammu and Kashmir area. India and Pakistan relation is not something need to be explained. This border area remains one of the tensed border especially after Pakistan Army’s failed attempt to invade Kargil in 1999. The temperature in the area remain single digit throughout the year.

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