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It’s All in the Mind


“One last puff! I have to get rid of this thing,” the man exclaims to himself and throws away the cigarette.

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A man in his late 20s had come to the city to make it big. His voice was his weapon to achieve what he wanted. He had been in the city for quite sometime and had been facing the real world of competition.  He handled his pressures well.  Music was his medicine and his voice was a healer.

“Dude, it’s a style statement! Lo you try and have a puff” said his friend from the city who had offered him his first cigarette.

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What started as a style statement became a dreadful habit now. His day-to-day stresses were now reasons for his smoking and his voice had become its victim. He could no longer feel the ease in his singing. His voice and lungs were struggling to breath out the melody that used to come out so effortlessly once, was gone. All he could think was, ‘is it the end’?

‘The end to those big dreams?’

‘No! Im not giving up my dreams… I am giving up the poison. I AM GIVING UP SMOKING.’


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It was not easy to let go off something, which is as addictive as tobacco. But the sole desire to achieve something big, something very close to his heart — music, something he yearns to live… to live on singing, something worth living for…

Today he has achieved what he always dreamt of.

It’s all in the mind, my friend. Know what your priorities are. They say- health is wealth.

Its only when you are healthy that you achieve something for yourself and your loved ones.


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Act now, quit tobacco. Live healthier, wealthier & happier!

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