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It’s Your First Time by Flight!

If you have never travelled by air, you will have no clue what’s involved in getting to the airport, checking in for your flight, getting through security before taking off to majestic skies.

Don’t fear, we’ve put together some helpful tips to get you to and through airports. But remember each airport is different, so there may be slight differences in terms of parking and other airport services.

Tips for your first flight journey

1. How much to carry?

How much to
In order to save time, ensure that you carry only minimal stuff for trip. Carrying a lot of baggage can cause security hassles and can be cumbersome. You can only carry one size-limited bag when you fly, excluding laptop bag, backpack or handbag. Keep all valuables in carry-on luggage or pockets.

2. What to wear?

What to wear?
Wear comfortable and warm clothes. With the air conditioner in a plane, it can get uncomfortably cold at times. It will be a good idea to wear a garment with a collar to cover your neck. Either wear a sandal or “see-through” shoes which will help during security clearance.

3. Time matters!

Time Matters!
Arrive at least 2 hours before your flight time. You have to take into consideration the average security waiting time.

4. Air sickness!


Beware of airplane sickness! You might also want to carry some motion sickness tablets. It is always advisable to carry along required medicines in the flight rather than leaving them in luggage.

5. Getting through airport security

Getting through airport
The next step after getting your boarding pass is to go through security checks. In most cases, the security checkpoint is located at the entrance.
To avoid delays, here is what you should be prepared for when entering the airport security checkpoint:
• Make sure you are not carrying any sharp objects such as files, scissors or other items. Be prepared to remove your shoes, belt, watch, and anything that has a metal content. Bins are provided to keep lose items together.
• Keep your boarding pass in hand.

6. Packed food!


If you are going for an International trip (Australia, New Zealand or the U.S.) make sure that you don’t carry half-consumed food items in flight. In case you are carrying it, you are supposed to declare it, else you will penalized.

7. Lost luggage


If you realise you have lost your luggage, don’t panic! Look for the airline baggage office, usually located next to baggage claim room. You will be asked to do the necessary paperwork. They will tell you when you can expect your bag; some also provide free delivery for your bag.

Have a safe and pleasant flight!

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