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Know Why Hyderabad is Called the Food Heaven of India

Food Alert!

Are you a Foodie?? Did you say ‘YES’?

Welcome to Hyderabad!

Hyderabad Cuisine, Hyderabad Packages

We introduce you to our Hyderabadi Ghizaayat (cuisine).

Here are some good reasons why Hyderabadis are so proud of with their cuisine. One of these delicacies may well be a reason for you to visit the city of Nizam’s next.

1. PAYA KI NIHARI: If you haven’t tried this, you’ve missed a great deal in life. It’s a heavy breakfast made with lamb meat (Paya  means trotter), has a unique nawabi flavor served with Naan, Tandoor or Paratha.



All you would need after the heavy meal is a hot Irani chai. 


2. PATHAR KA GOSHT: It’s a feast for meat lovers. Pathar ka gosht is marinated mutton heated on a wide stone, with flame.

A delicacy of Hyderabad.


Served hot with onions makes one go Happy High!


 3. HALEEM: If you are here in the month of Ramadan, never miss Haleem, one of the best dishes Hyderabad has to offer. Nothing can beat the flavor, taste and consistency. It is meat cooked with butter and ground wheat.


Tastes great when served hot with lemon and fried onions.

4. BAGHARE BAINGAN : It is said to be one of the main dishes served in Nawabi Darbar (Royal court). Baghare baingan is aromatic Hyderabadi spices stuffed in Brinjal… simply takes one out of the world.

unnamed (2)



5 . HYDERABADI BIRYANI: Prepared in a unique style, Hyderabadi Biryani is raved world over. Having blend of Mughalai kitchen and cooking of Nizams i.e., Dum pukht, Hyderabadi Biryani has a unique aroma, making your mouth water every time you think of it.


unnamed (3)


Garnished with mint leaves and fried onions, served with Dahi-ki-chutney and mirch-ka-saalan.


6. HYDERABADI KHICHDI: Spicy in taste, unlike the boring and bland khichdi, Hyderabadi khichdi is served with desi ghee enhanced with tasty flavors.

unnamed (3)(1)


7. Qabooli Biryani : It’s not just another Biryani. And who said vegetarians do not have options in biryani?? This Qabooli Biryani can give any non-veg biriyani a run for its money.

unnamed (2)(1)


8. HYDERABADI MARAG: Prepared with tender mutton, a spicy-meaty soup gives you a kick and it is the best way to keep you hooked to your meal.

unnamed (1)(1)

You’ve got a sweet tooth?

Worry Not–Hyderabadis have sweet delicacies too in ample.


 9. DOUBLE KA MEETAA bread pudding, served with dry fruits makes you gulp the whole thing in one go.




10. KHUBANI KA MEETAApricot boiled with sugar, garnished with blanched almonds and topped with malai or ice-cream – is just WOW.!!!



 11. DIL-E-FIRDAUSGood God.!! Its an amazing sweet dish with white pumpkin cooked in milk and sugar, served with chopped dry fruits.


Come indulge yourself into the culture and the ethnicity of Hyderabad with a variety of cuisines to your heart’s content.

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