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Let’s go to Nandi Hills

As me and my friends wanted to explore India, we decided we will go to Nandi Hills. In order to reach our new destination, I had to book a 12 seats Bus which will come at 4 am in the morning and I stayed up all night until the bus arrived from the guest house. At 3:30 I woke my fellow travelers up to get ready. I had to wait outside until the bus comes then suddenly the sweet old looking bus came and my 1 Brazilian, 1 Malaysian and 6 Egyptian still sleepy friends started to board it, after being the last one to get in the bus, I sat in the front beside the driver and told him “sir let’s go”.

The Bus stops suddenly at a rest before climbing the hill! The Driver wakes me up and tells me “we will stay here until the road opens at 6:00 AM”. at the rest some of my friends got down to get some of the tasty Bangalore Coffee and refresh themselves. After resting everybody was fully awake. Being allowed to pass the bus driver started the bus to climb the hill! Being fully awake and energized my friends started singing and clapping, feeling excited I listened happily to them while watching the driver taking the sharp steep curves climbing the hill!

The Bus driver stopped in the garage saying to us “I cannot go further and you should go on foot”. Packing our necessary stuff, we entered through the gate after paying the fees passing by a huge line of small cars that wants to enter. Later I thanked the driver for not going further because of what I have seen while climbing on foot. We started to climb the steep hill fast racing against the time before sunrise, breathing getting heavier, legs getting more painful, encouraging each other to reach the top of the hill, weather gradually getting colder then BAM!!Sunrises in Nandi hills, nandi hills in bangalore

We reached the top, looking at the view in awe I cannot utter a word except amazing or another word which has the same meaning. Still I cannot describe it, but how can I describe something so magnificent something that makes my heart bump so hard? something that gives me goose pump on my skin, all these warm feelings mixed with the cold wind that tickles you. “Can I pause the time?” is what I thought. But although another minute passed, surprisingly for my amazement, the site is as beautiful as ever as the sun rises up little by little clearing the fog while I breathe the cold air slowly sitting silently and watching the huge land that covers all the distance my eyes can reach. Naturally looking at this view you would say that we are very small, yes we are very small and I would thank god for this astonishing view wondering  why does the nature look so powerful although it is peaceful?

Since we were in a hurry to watch the sunrise before it starts we passed several places on our way up the hill. That’s why the exploration did not end when we started going down the hill. The first thing we saw was the monkeys “bandhar” feeding on the food thrown by the visitors of the hill, beautiful creatures living peacefully on a very old hill trying to approach them is difficult they would run away if you scared them, but still you might get close enough to look at their shockingly human like cute features, then they run away climbing the buildings with skills that cannot be acquired by any human easily. Continuing our journey down the hill exhausted yet laughing around some jokes, we found the bamboo houses of course as curious travellers we could not leave it alone and climbed it. Old weak wood plank covering the floor supported with metal beams. Trying to jump excitingly from one bamboo house to the other we nervously and carefully had to choose our steps wisely in order to not break the wood plank and fall from the house until we reach the last house. After reaching the final house we continued our return path and we found a pond built by the emperor Tipu sultan it looked very beautiful and surprisingly clean, also it had small fish. Relaxing for a bit we continued to the final part of our journey we found the emperor Tipu sultan house, it looks like a simple beautiful house that really suits the huge magnificent hill, it is like they respect the huge hill which is home for wild animals. The roof of the house has an amazing view on the land under the hill. Seeing this view refreshed my memory and reminded me of the view I saw at the top of the hill.

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Pushing ourselves to go back and leave the amazing view, we had to say good bye to the beautiful hill, getting inside the bus one by one are my friends. I bet that each one of them wish they would stay for more but the fatigue caught up to their excitement and they knew it was time to get back. I sat again beside the driver and told him “sir let’s go”, the driver started the bus and we began our journey home when we ended our journey in Nandi Hills. I looked back at my friends one by one they closed their eyes getting into a deep sleep after 6 hours of walking around Nandi hills. I myself started revisiting the events I had at the beginning of the day and before slipping into a nice dream I looked back at Nandi hills seeing it huge, tall and magnificent.

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