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Long weekends in 2019 in India: How to plan your trip!

Planning a trip on every long weekend is no cakewalk and you must consider knowing what awaits you ahead. As they say, it is never too early to begin planning your next travel. Especially, when you have some long weekends in 2019 to look at. The number of travel opportunities the New Year brings will certainly have you enjoy a well-deserved break.

Unlike 2018, this year you will need to make amends with work to make maximum utilization of the holidays in 2019 in India. Most of the gazetted holidays are in between the week but that is no reason to compromise on holidays and invest your precious work leaves. And to ease that, iTraveller brings to you a long list of best available options to help you strike a balance between office and leisure. With our curated list of national holidays in India, we suggest you places to make 2019 the year of travel. Right from sun-kissed, deep running valleys, snow-capped mountains and exciting Indian festivals, we have everything that you yearn for.

So scroll down for your one-stop monthly guide to planning getaways without any hassles.

JanuaryPlaces to visit in January in India

12th January: Saturday

13th January: Sunday

14th January: Monday – Makar Sankranti

Where to go: Ahmedabad / Dwarka

There cannot be a better start to enjoying the long weekend holidays in 2019 in India. The International Kite Festival is celebrated with full zest in the state of Gujarat. The skies are filled with a thousand of colourful kites bearing various shapes and sizes. The entire city goes into a celebration mode as the flapping tails of the kites wave in the breeze.  The aerial battle between people standing from morning until the last ray of sun lights the sky is a sight to behold. Besides, that is not where it ends. As soon as the sky loses its colour, it is filled with paper lamps, floating lights and crackers. The festival makes you live a surreal moment and Gujarat definitely hits the vacation chart for long weekends in 2019.

Besides, you can also take a short trip to Dwarka, which is a very popular Hindu pilgrimage site. The ancient Dwarkadhish Temple is home to an intricately tiered shrine, a carved entrance and a black marble sculpture of Lord Krishna.

25th January: Friday – Take a leave

26th January: Saturday – Republic Day

27th January: Sunday

Where to go: Udaipur / Jaipur

Go back in time and experience the royalty of Rajasthan by visiting its cities and the still standing monuments. The lush greenery that bounds the city’s lakes makes for a perfect long weekend getaway in 2019. Visit the hordes of palaces and forts such as the Saheli Palace, the City Palace, the Sarangarh fort and many more. Jaipur is another city that is abundant with rich cultural history of India.

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FebruaryPlaces to visit in February in India

2nd February: Saturday

3rd February: Sunday

4th February: Monday – Take a leave

5th February: Tuesday – Losar

Where to go: Rann of Kutch / Vadodara

Kutch is one of the most culturally and ecologically abundant landforms. And the dates on the list of national holidays in India are perfect to make a quick visit Gujarat and be a part of the Rann of Kutch festival. A Carnival of music, dance and food on silky white sand is what defines it in simple terms. The festival witnesses a footfall of over a thousand hundred people from all across the globe. February marks the last month of this 3-4 month long festival and this long weekend in 2019 lets you enjoy it just perfectly. At night, the stunning sight of boundless white desert glimmering under the moonlight is unique to this world.

Moreover, you can visit the beautiful city of Vadodara which is a couple of hours drive away from Kutch. The distinctive folk dances, affluent handicraft culture, traditional mirror work ornaments and intricate art and craft are some of the peculiarities on display here. The Lakshmi Vilas Palace is an important landmark here and features both European and Indian architectural styles.

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Marchlong weekends in 2019

2nd March: Saturday

3rd March: Sunday

4th March: Monday – Maha Shivaratri

5th March: Tuesday – Take a leave

Where to go: Ooty / Kodaikanal

March is the month where India starts to get hotter with each passing day denoting the arrival of scorching summers. Nestled amidst the Nilgiris, Ooty is a hill station that is blessed pleasant climate throughout the year. Hence, it makes for a perfect getaway for the long weekends in 2019. It offers a picturesque and serene landscape that pleases the mind, body and soul.

Kodaikanal can be equally rejuvenating as it takes you far away from the chaos and clutter of the fast-paced city life. You could also opt for a combined tour since the distance from Ooty to Kodaikanal is less than 250 kms. The star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant botanical park and the Coaker’s Walk which is one kilometre long walking plaza are some of the sightseeing places here.

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21st March: Thursday – Holi

22nd March: Friday – Take a leave

23rd March: Saturday

24th March: Sunday

Where to go: Mathura / Vrindavan

When talking about Holi celebration, it is impossible to miss out on the mention of Mathura and Vrindavan. Holi in Braj is especially famous not only among Indians but also among world-wide travellers. Mathura being the birthplace of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan is where he grew up in his childhood, both places hold a lot of religious and historical significance in the hearts and minds of people.

The Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan start about a week before the actual date of Holi and is an experience that you should indulge in once in your lifetime. So, make use of this long weekend and get immersed in the joyful colours of Holi at Mathura and Vrindavan.

AprilHolidays in 2019 in India

17th April: Wednesday – Mahavir Jayanti

18th April: Thursday – Take a leave

19th April: Friday – Good Friday

20th April: Saturday

21st April: Sunday

Where to go: Shimla / Manali

One of India’s finest hill stations, Shimla is perfectly suitable as a destination for holidays in 2019 in India.  You can experience the beautiful sight of the rejuvenating mountain peaks and shop at Shimla’s enchanting mall road. It is a small town that is set on a forested slope and provides its viewers with some breath-taking views of the Himalayan valleys. Besides, Shimla’s cool atmosphere and the fascinating natural beauty is what you need to beat the heat that surrounds the entire nation in the month of April.

Manali is another splendid hill town and the panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges are absolutely worth your time. You can opt for various adventure activities like snow biking, skiing, etc. Yak rides are also an additional attraction. Manali also has a mall road that is lined with bars, cafes, boutiques, restaurants and shops that attracts huge crowd each year.

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MayHolidays in 2019 in India

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1st May: Wednesday – May Day

2nd May: Thursday – Take a leave

3rd May: Friday – Take a leave

4th May: Saturday

5th May: Sunday

Where to go: Gangtok / Darjeeling / Pelling

Gangtok is where you will discover something out of the ordinary at every turn. You will get the opportunity to witness the picturesque beauty of the mountain ranges and treat yourself with some of the flavours of the local delicacies. You can take a stroll on the MG Marg in the evening and shop for local artefacts such as the Nepalese dresses, hand-woven jackets, Tibetan carpets, alpine cheese, electronics and bamboo and cane baskets.

Darjeeling is another great getaway option to make the most of the list of national holidays in India. This little hamlet is a perfect place to experience the local life of the people in northeast India and their exceptional cuisine.

Moreover, Pelling is another jewel in the northeast crown. Rich in culture, history as well as scenic beauty, Pelling is an unexplored land that is seeking attention from travellers. The zigzagging roads of the hill town will make your adrenaline rush and the affluent green-forested peaks at the same time will provide calmness to your senses.

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JuneHolidays in 2019 in India

1st June: Saturday

2nd June: Sunday

3rd June: Monday – Take a leave

4th June: Tuesday – Take a leave

5th June: Wednesday – Eid

Where to go: Dharamshala / Lansdowne / Dalhousie

Dharamshala is an extremely calm and poised hill station and makes for a great weekend holiday destination. The scenic place boasts of Tibetan and Buddhism culture, enchanting monasteries, gushing waterfalls, serene lakes, thick deodar cedar trees, snow-laden mountains, and ample of sightseeing.

If you are looking for an untouched, unspoilt and offbeat weekend holiday destination, then Lansdowne is your place. Perched amidst the Garhwal Hills of Uttarakhand, this quaint hill station is far-off from the city hustle and bustle. Here you can experience the old world British colonial charm along with the military history. Lansdowne offers a relaxed and peaceful holiday experience. It is truly a treasure trove for nature lovers.

Dalhousie is another cool hill station retreat left behind by the British. Surrounded by beautiful snow-laden mountains, pine-clad valleys and serene rivers, this place is Known for its unparalleled natural beauty. The Scottish architecture, quaint churches, Victorian-style mansions architecture and other charming colonial buildings in Dalhousie will take you back in time.

Julylong weekends in 2019

5th July: Friday – Guru Hargobind Jayanti

6th July: Saturday

7th July: Sunday

Where to go: Nainital

Nainital is a beautiful and picturesque hill station which attracts tourists from all over for its tranquil surroundings and captivating landscapes. Even though Nainital is amazing to visit all around year, the summer and early monsoon season are considered to be the best to opt for. July is the perfect month to make this weekend trip since you will be able to find a number of waterfalls, opulent greenery around you and booming ponds and lakes. Apart from the serene natural beauty, the place is known for its ancient temples. Some of the tourist attractions here include Snow View Point, Naini Lake, Tiffin Top, Naukuchiatal and Naini Peak. Moreover, you can also visit the local market in Nainital which is studded with tiny shops selling attractive, colourful trinkets, woollen items, wonderfully-made wooden figurines, candles and a variety of other stuff.

Augustlong weekends in 2019

10th August: Saturday

11th August: Sunday

12th August: Monday – Bakri Eid / Eid ul-Adha

13th August: Tuesday – Take a leave

14th August: Wednesday – Take a leave

15th August: Thursday – Independence Day

16th August: Friday – Take a leave

17th August: Saturday

18th August: Sunday

Where to go: Delhi / Amritsar / Agra

Brace yourself, for the longest of long weekends in 2019 is here. Grab this opportunity to cover the iconic places in India. Since it is India’s independence day that falls on this list of national holidays in India, the capital city of Delhi is where you should be. Attend the flag hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort and feel the patriotic spirit in the air.

Amritsar is another option that has all the makings of a versatile tourist destination. The iconic city of Amritsar schemes to cast a spell upon its visitor. It depicts the heroic character of the state of Punjab. Take a trip to the Golden Temple and experience the rich architectural grandeur, cultural history, lavish dollops of Punjabi hospitality and the langar’s appeasing food.

If you wish to further glorify your holidays in 2019 in India, the mesmerising Taj Mahal will leave you flabbergasted with the spellbinding art and sculptures. Visit the Agra Fort too, which was once the main residence of the Mughal Emperor. You can also visit Fatehpur Sikri, which is a small town in Agra, and its centre is primarily made of red sandstone.

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Septemberlong weekends in 2019

31st August: Saturday

1st September: Sunday

2nd September: Monday – Ganesh Chaturthi

Where to go: Rishikesh / Haridwar

Rishikesh is prevalently known as the adventure capital of India. If you are someone who loves adventure sports, you must plan a trip to Rishikesh. This month is also the best to visit since rains have just subsided and harsh winters have not settled in. The famous white-water-rafting is best to opt for at this time and you can also try cliff jumping, rappelling, waterfall trekking, bungee jumping and much more.

Another peaceful option is to visit the holy land of Haridwar. People from all across the country visit this spiritual place and take some divine dips into the sacred river Ganga. The marvellous Kumbh Mela also takes place here.

Octoberlong weekends in 2019

5th October: Saturday

6th October: Sunday

7th October: Monday – Leave

8th October: Tuesday – Dussehra

Where to go: Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states in the North-East India mesmerising tourists with its towering hills, dense valleys, captivating waterfalls, free-flowing rivers, mesmerizing lakes, sacred forests and numerous pitch dark caves. The panoramic views of Meghalaya are bound to mesmerise your soul. 

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is known for its British colonial influence that is evident from its plentiful British architecture. Not only this, the popular city is famously titled as the ‘Scotland of the East’ owing to its enthralling beauty. Some of the places worth visiting in Meghalaya include Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Laitlum Canyon, Mawlynnong Village, Lalong Park, Balpakram National Park, Dawki Town, Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai Waterfalls and Laitlum Grand Canyon.

26th October: Saturday

27th October: Sunday

28th October: Monday – New Year

29th October: Tuesday – Bhai Duj

Where to go: Munnar / Alleppey

Lush green tea plantations and forests border the quaint town of Munnar. Its beauty is absolutely alluring and it is not less than a painter’s canvas. It is very famous for its tea and you must visit the Tea Museum which houses photographs and types of machinery that contributes to a thriving tea industry.

Another among the best destinations to check out in Kerala, Alleppey backwater experience is a high-class encounter. Known as the ‘Venice of the East’, it is an emerald backwater town. Besides, long strolls by the coastline, beach adventures, sunbathing and swimming are other activities you can opt for on this holiday in 2019 in India.

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Novemberlong weekends in 2019

9th November: Saturday

10th November: Sunday

11th November: Monday – Take a leave

12th November: Tuesday – Guru Nanak Jayanti

Where to go: Andaman and Nicobar Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island is another promising holiday destination that can be explored in November. It is a stunning location for a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend holiday. The picturesque beaches, vast seas, white sand, sun and a pristine environment are enough to keep you entranced and excited on your long weekend trip in 2019. Andaman is bestowed with the exotic beauty of islands and beaches such as Corbyn’s Cove, Elephant and Long Island, etc. The island is also known for its natural beauty, incredible history, aboriginal cultures and diverse biodiversity. Andaman is also the perfect destination for people who love thrilling water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, underwater walking, banana boat rides, jet skiing, etc.

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Decemberlong weekends in 2019

25th December: Wednesday – Christmas

26th December: Thursday – Take a leave

27th December: Friday – Take Leave

28th December: Saturday

29th December: Sunday

Where to go: Goa / Dudhsagar  

Be it sightseeing, adventure sports or a thrilling nightlife, there are innumerable fun activities to indulge in Goa. Moreover, Christmas in Goa and the beauty that surrounds this small coastal state around this time is unparalleled. The churches are bejewelled lavishly and the midnight masses are something you must attend.  Moreover, visit the Calangute, Anjuna and Vagator beach, along with other sightseeing attractions such as the Fort Aguada, Shanta Durga Temple, Museum of Christian Art and many more.

Set a couple of hours away from the capital city of Panjim is the place called Dudhsagar. The waterfalls here are an exceptional sight to behold and a must-visit. As the name suggests, the falls seem like a heavy stream of milk flowing effortlessly from atop the hill. Plan in a way that you can club both the destinations together and make up for a rejuvenating and refreshing weekend.

So stop fretting about your absence on a workday and plan well in advance to take the trip that you that been dreaming of. 

With iTraveller and our exceptionally well-versed team of travel agents, you can leave all your holiday planning stress and focus on enjoying a getaway with your loved ones. Make most of these Indian public holidays in 2019 by connecting with us and letting us take you on a journey of unforgettable memories. Get in touch with us and book your travel plan today.

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