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Monsoon, Kerala, Throw-away Prices – Need More Reasons?

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Kerala and monsoon have a legacy behind them. It’s the golden coasts of Kerala that Indian monsoon kicks off it’s India play – yes, invariably 1st Jun is the day when it announces the arrival and the days are just too soaked from then.

Haven’t seen a year for past few decades when a 1st June has gone past without the offset of monsoons here. The first day in school for kids; the welcome trumpet is with this downpour.

Traditionally, this is also an offseason for tourists – yes, the time when travellers across the world assume as the worst time to be in this part of the country, because you’re very likely to get washed off in one of those downpours & thunderstorms? Hey – don’t kid me heaven sake!

Seriously – many think so, but in the recollected history of Kerala, I’ve not seen someone getting washed off or a flood occurs and the place is devastated. Yes, that’s the beauty of this topography. Here, floods don’t pla rampage. Water usually doesn’t get clogged for more than few minutes, even in the largest of cities & towns.

Monsoon here is a panorama set up by nature, the time when greenery flourishes all over again, welcoming the good times after a peak summer sun and most importantly, the time when love fills the air; thence making the best time for honeymooners to flock around the backwaters and hill stations for yet another freshness with their loved ones!

Lastly, the catch lies in the combo – yes, the combo of monsoon-offseason scare works so well for those who wants to relish monsoons. This is one of the best times, when the hotels are at throw-away prices – can you believe that it’s sometime even one fifth of the peak season prices?

Well, I can’t help more with reasons – pack your bags now!

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