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People say, I am a very beautiful plant from the lands of Americas, and that my leaf has a sensuous nature. They called the substance coming out of my fresh leaves as Tobacco. I was surprised to know that I had something in me that people found pleasurable. I was very happy that I had a purpose in my life.

nicotiana, no tobacco campaign


I was soon introduced to Europe and became one of the important trade crops. People around the world used tobacco in interesting forms. They called it cigarettes and cigars, hand rolling tobacco, bidis and kreteks, pipes and chewing tobacco, so on…

tobacco, pipes, no tobacco day

In the recent times, I’ve been hearing that usage of tobacco is affecting people. And that they have gotten addicted to the pleasures it was giving. You may ask whom did I hear it from? Word of mouth, my friend, rather in my case it is — smoke of mouth! That’s when I started doing my research trying to know if it truly does any harm to the humankind. I got to know the serious injuries tobacco is causing to people’s health such as heart attacks, strokes and many forms of cancer. I never thought I could be such a malice to the society.

smoking kills, no tobacco


What I don’t really understand is when people know what they are taking and that they are taking it in excess, why can’t they discipline themselves. There is so much awareness organizations around the world are creating through their themed advertising and public service messages. Why isn’t any of that helping in reduction of intake?

Which is why I am here to speak to you all personally.

Do not harm yourself and the strings attached with you.

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Be a responsible citizen. It is not only your health which is getting affected, the society around you is at loss. You chew tobacco, spit anywhere you like. You smoke in public places, making it impossible for people to breathe or live at peace.

Stop taking everything and everybody for granted.

no tobacco,

There is a long string attached to your acts. Be responsible.

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