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Nightlife of 12 Haut Monde Cities around the World!


Tick- tock I say its 10’o clock.


Where most of the places shut the lights off and the streets go empty, that is when some of the haut monde cities around the world come alive. From the spectacular cabarets to after-hour entertainment, gin bars to jazz clubs…Here are some of the world’s best places for the night souls.


1. Miami

The noisy shores and breezy winds of Miami is the place for night owls. Miami, known for its high-octane nightlife, caters to your wild party cravings!

miami, party, nightlife, club, dj

Expect Glitz and Glam clubbing feel with world-class DJs in south beach. If clubbing is not your thing, it is ok. South beach is home to night crawlers of all kinds. Get on to cocktail lounge or a poolside bar to unwind.

Whether you want to groove to the tunes, or go lounge hopping or even relax on the bay— there is Miami to fit your bill.


2. Goa

The state’s spiritual approach to partying has been the main reason for tourists flocking to Goa. The state’s vibrant clubs, beach parties and ambient live music make it a favorite for party animals. These night clubs and lounges are the major crowd pullers that fascinate people across the world.

sunburn goa, party, nightlife


Not to forget the Asia’s biggest electronic music festival, the ‘Sunburn’, regarded the Ninth best festival in the world, is the perfect combination of food, shopping and of course music.


3. Las Vegas

It is the Sin City, famous for its party vibes,nonstop nightlife, pulsating nightclubs, dance floor and party lounges. New clubs are up every now and then, bars and casinos dot up every corner. The bars offer extensive cocktails, and for upscale, sophisticated setting, go for Vesper bar in a cosmopolitan hotel. Casinos do not have clocks because they want you to forget what time it is while you gamble. So carry a watch to not get carried away with gambling in casinos.

las vegas, casino, nightlife


4. Ibiza, Spain

Located in the Balearic Islands, off the east coast of Spain, Ibiza has beautiful long beaches and pulsating nightlife. It is the place for the party goers, which has some of the biggest and famous clubs in the world.

Amnesia is one of the famous clubs Ibiza is popular for, especially its foam parties. It is a great place for those who like trance music.

foam party, amnesia, ibiza, spain


5. Hong Kong  

The energetic Hong Kong knows how to party, with its British-styled pubs to bars and hipster hangouts. The city is witnessing the emergence of wine bars and live music venues over recent years, which is catering to the diverse and fun-loving population.

aqua blue, hong kong, nightclub, bar

Evening markets offer multiple opportunities for late-night fun. For the late-night drinks, visit Aqua bar in one of the Hong Kong’s tallest skyscrapers

For food lovers, there is no better place than Temple street night market, with delicious aroma in the air, all around.


6. Mumbai        

The city that never sleeps, Mumbai and its nightlife compete with the rest of the happening places in the world. Many popular national and international DJs and bands perform here in India’s capital of nightlife.


Trendy new bars keep coming up in and around Bandra, as well as in south Mumbai and Colaba.


7. Paris

The city of lights comes alive after hours.

Moulin Rouge, a world famous cabaret, is not to be missed if one is out for nightlife in Paris. There are dance clubs like none other, to dance your heart out to the music being spinned by top Djs.

cocktail, nightlife ,paris

Stop by club Silencio, one of the exclusive nightclubs. If you are lucky enough to make it past the bouncer, who knows you might rub your elbows with a Hollywood big shot.

8. New York

A world of excitement that New York is, its nightlife is vibrant and eclectic for party goers. You need not be a regular night owl to enjoy the parties, DJs and lounges that bound in NYC after hours.

New York is home to the elite bars, clubs and lounges; it is the destination to shop, eat, drink and hangout after dark.

new york, bars, nightlife

For those who want to party with the hot shot models and big celebrities, Manhattan is your place, my friend. It has the most exclusive nightclubs such as 10ak, famous for high energy parties.

9. Berlin

The intense nightlife culture in this techno capital of the world blows one’s mind off. Many say it has probably the best clubbing in Europe, where clubbing has become a lifestyle and music a religion.


Berlin’s transformation is somewhere linked to the German reunification and the fall of Berlin wall. Their recently-acquired freedom has its own role to play in the clubbing scene and its rapid development. Looking for a way to express, Berliners have found their new identity in this lifestyle.


You get to enjoy a mind-blowing experience with pulsating quality of music. So be prepared to dance for hours and listen to best of DJs belting music for you.

10. Madrid

Madrid loves to party.

One of the liveliest cities in the world, nightlife in Madrid never stops. You’ll have no trouble to find out a right place to fit your mood from myriad bars to big nightclub and small pub with perfect music and ambiance.


There is something for everybody; don’t worry if you are with kids. Children are admitted in all types of bars, cafeterias and restaurants.

With its unpretentious bar scenes and vibrant nightlife, you won’t be disappointed.


11. Amsterdam

The streets and square get very busy at night after a quiet evening. Amsterdam is known for its red light district when it comes to nightlife.

amsterdam, red light, night life

However, nightlife is not just this; the city offers a unique late night experience. Go for a stroll and you’d find great theatres; catch up with a movie and walk next door for drinks at the Bar. There are night cafe joints for intellectual crowds as well.


12. Rio de Janeiro

The city, known for its carnival, shows how lively it can get when it is party time. Cariocas (people of Rio) loves to let it hair down and bounce all the way.

 rio, party, nightlife, dj

Rio, a highly cultural city, has so much to offer from live music, night clubs, bars, concerts to street parties. Immerse yourself in Samba and let loose the soul and groove with the music.

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