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Nine reasons why you should go on a Biking trip

Pretty sure that the time you sit on your bike and start off to your office you always wonder if you could just change the daily route and take a long ride to a peaceful place. Or when you see a bullet storm past you, you wonder to get one and go for a bike trip with your buddies. Well.. think less and go for it! Here why:

1.Offbeat tracks


A holiday shouldn’t be about vehicles, it should be about experiences. With a bike its convenient enough to take offbeat tracks and stop by where you have never even thought about going. The slight discomfort of long rides can be compensated by the pleasures of getting into places and experiencing the view that a car definitely cannot provide.


Connecting with people is much easier. Greeting people as you pass by, smiling and waving at those excited kids will make your day. And when you take a break you can have a good chat with the local, sharing experiences, culture, everyday life and even giving a lift sometimes.

3.The best stories

The best
Biking trip can give you some way good memories. It can adventurous, dangerous and fun at the same time. It’s not necessary you take the same route and meet the same people again in your life but the memories and stories that they give you is truly for lifetime.

4.Tea talks


You can stop by wherever you want. Feeling hungry? Want a hot tea? Just get down your bike and have the refreshments from the local chai-walas and a good gup-shup too! Worth more than having a pre-planned party at a well-to-do hotel!

5.Experiencing nature


Stop by those greenery and flowers, enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of leaves rustling and capture those moments in your heart (and your camera too). But remember to leave the nature as you found it and don’t spoil the beauty.

6.The sound of bikes

The sound of

You will just love the sound of your bike here. It will not be the irritating one in the traffic of course. The wheels buzzing with speed and the winds swooshing by making their own music. Sound of freedom!

7.Adrenaline rush!


Want some adrenaline rush! Well your biking trip is definitely gonna give you some. Speed and freedom. But make sure put your adrenaline in control so that you do not end up in a hospital.

8.It’s your way, your style

It’s your way, your

We all are born with a sense of adventure, freedom and capable of being flexible. Getting on a bike and being drenched by rain, lost by directions, exhausted by mileage, and empowered to eat great amount of food re-awakens your true self.

9.Changing perceptions


You will view your bike and biking altogether differently. With a biking trip you will be more interested in looking around to see and enjoy the sights and chat with your fellow riders and passers-by than a super bike stunt or breaking speed records.



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