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Nine tips to Save Money while Travelling

Travelling around the world is our dream of a lifetime. But before the big dream materialises, we like to keep setting on smaller vacations every year or may be twice a year. We work, save money, go for a vacation and then what?! We end up exhausting our budget and then the rest of the vacations go for a toss. So, we bring you nine tips on how to save money while travelling so that you can plan more vacations ahead!

1. Plan Well Ahead

cheapest rates for hotels

Plan everything about your vacation including mode of travelling, where to stay, where to visit, where to eat, etc. at least a month in advance as it helps you find the cheapest rates for hotels and airfare and even discounts!

2. Flights

cheapest booking flights

Try booking flights on weekdays than on weekends as it works out to be cheaper (Try booking during off-season days). Also try taking a connecting flight rather than a direct one as it is cheaper and will help you save a lot of money.

3. Accommodation

 vacation plan

There is a very innovative concept called “House-Swaps”. If you have friends or relatives across globe, plan a vacation mutually and swap houses. Best option for saving money! Or ditch your cliché hotels and stay in rental condos.

4. Food

best local restaurants and eateries

Another element that eats up your money is food. You always enjoy trying out different cuisines and saving money at the same time. How? Go for local restaurants and eateries. It’s the best combo to save money as well as try relishing food. Also stock up your food from local supermarkets.

5. Travelling

customized tour packages

Save on those everyday cab rides by taking the public transport or exploring on foot. Some places have a good option to rent a bike. Much more fun than those expensive cabs!

6. Language

Holiday destination in India

Try learning the local language as it will help you connect to local people out there and they will be more than happy to help you in whatever you need.

7. Foreign Currency

holiday packages

Search online as to where you can get the local currency at the best exchange rates. Also, a debit card is much cheaper than a credit card but make sure you withdraw enough cash to reduce the charges every time.

8. Entertainment

popular bars

Ask people around as to where you can find good bars with good performances or any other local shows rather than paying for a show every day. Walk around and explore the entertainment.

9.Tax & Discounts

 best discounts travelling

Many airports have duty-free shops, best for your small shopping delights. Also, many places give you discounts if travelling in a group or if you have a student card or membership card. Make best use of it to save money.

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