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Seven Plane Hacks for Everybody

  1. Book between Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday early mornings for cheaper tickets

    7 Plane Hacks for EverybodyThe cheaper airlines list their new sales early on Tuesday mornings. By mid-afternoon, the bigger airlines usually lower their prices to match competitors.

  2. Invest in Battery Backups/Portable Charger

     Invest in battery backups/Portable chargersAlways carry a spare battery or a power bank with you. The last thing you want on a flight is a useless phone with a dead battery. Imagine the horror of not being able to click that landing selfie!

  3. Free Alcohol

    Free alcoholDon’t shy away from asking for free stuff. Some international flights serve free alcohol. What’s better than free alcohol any day!

  4. Morning Flights for Less Turbulence

    Morning flights for less turbulenceCan’t handle turbulence? Try taking the morning flight. It’ll save you from panic attacks. Also, try and take a seat by the wings; it’ll help you stay comfortable during the flight.

  5. Baggage Hacks

    Baggage hacksMark your luggage ‘Fragile’. That way it goes right on top and will also arrive first.

    Invest in suitcases that are easy to spot. You could invest in cool and funky luggage tags to help you differentiate your luggage at the airport.

  6. Knee Defender

    Knee defenderIf legroom is an issue, Knee Defender is the thing for you. It locks onto your tray table and stops the seat in front of you from reclining. It’s mean but comfortable!

  7. Stay Comfortable

    Stay comfortableDon’t eat or drink anything that makes you uncomfortable or queasy. Wear light and comfortable clothes. And most importantly, stay calm and enjoy your flight.

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