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Ten Places to Settle Down after Retirement

There was a time when retirement simply meant spending more time with family and children, but times have changed and many people wish to retire on their own terms and at a place of their choice. Many look forward to settling down at interesting destinations. Here are some of the best places to spend those precious years of your life after retirement:

1. Ecuador
The availability of properties at low rates is the reason you must consider Ecuador. People are attracted to the country due to its low cost of living and beautiful climate. Cuenca city, which is famous for large and ever expanding foreign settlement. The city gives you a different feel throughout the 12 months of the year.


2. Panama
Panama is the most retiree-friendly place in the world. It is one of the best choices to settle abroad and enjoy a high standard of living. The currency is US Dollars and most people speak English. Panama is located between Costa Rica and Columbia. In addition, it’s a place where one would feel safe and welcoming.


3. Mexico
Mexico is the third best place to get settled down after retirement. Its infamous reputation of drug cartel doesn’t hold good in all parts of the country. Mexico offers excellent locations to live in the pink of your health. If you are considering a quieter and safer place, then consider settling down at Lake Chapala, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Miguel De Allende.


4. Malaysia
This country offers high standard of living both for expats and residents. One can settle down and live here in a comfortable and luxurious environment. People here are friendly and open towards foreigners. Malaysia ranks as one of the world’s top preferred destinations for medical tourism due to low-cost medical care. Tax perks is another factor which attracts people. Owing to the country’s second-home program, retiree residency is relatively easy to obtain without much hassle.


5. Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the most preferred locations in Central America. It has one of the highest standards of living which caters to a growing middle class from around the world. It offers all kinds of amusement facilities, plus there are excellent health care facilities. Costa Rica is perhaps one of the world’s best retirement havens.

6. Spain
Spain provides plentiful sunlight throughout the year. Besides, this European island is reported to have low crime rates. All these factors and more contribute in making Spain an ideal place to settle down after retirement. The country has world-class cosmopolitan cities dotted at the coastline.


7. Columbia
Columbia may not be a city which comes to your mind at the first thought of choosing a place for retirement owing to its reputation of shady politics. But this is quickly evaporating to make it one of the top places to settle after retirement. Columbia has incredibly low cost of living. It is a place which has strong Euro-cultural influence, meaning it hosts a cosmopolitan culture.

8. Portugal
Enjoying a stable climate, Portugal is rated the 17th in crime rate among European countries. Violent crime is very rare and it is limited to petty street crimes. The cost of living is lower among western European countries. Portugal offers a safe and secure environment for settling down.

9. Thailand
Thailand is one of the favourite retirement locations for people, especially from Western European countries. The cost of living in Thailand is very low compared to other countries in the world. Renting an apartment is also very economical depending on where you want to live.

10. France
If you are looking for old-world charm, France’s climate offers you the perfect environment. The south of France is an idea place — it is colourful, eclectic and dynamic. This wine country has a long history and diversity to explore. If you have a taste for wine and laidback lifestyle, this is the place to settle down. Excellent health care system is another valuable reason to go for it.

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