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Ten Safest Countries Women are Safe here!!!!

The safety of women has become a mainstream issue with the increase in women travelling solo and living alone in different countries. The safety of women abroad isn’t a new topic, but the reputation of the place and their female friendly attitude. There are many places which have controversial sides to it. We have found 10 cities to be the safest for women travelers.


1. Copenhagen, Denmark


Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world. Copenhagen is a small town, where women can roam around feely and be safe at any hour of the day. Crime rate is extremely low and natives are extremely friendly.


2. Amsterdam, Holland


A city where people can smoke weed on the streets can hardly be considered unsafe. It is said that it’s due to legalization of prostitution in Amsterdam, which has increased the safety of women substantially. It’s considered as a city safe for all not only women.


3. Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm is a city which is considered as women-friendly in terms of employment. The state of Sweden gives the longest maternity leaves and has the best HR policies for women.


4. Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is an open city for everyone. As Switzerland is a country that has historically been peaceful, and it is considered as a city for everyone even women.


5. Vienna, Austria


If a young couple can walk around the streets of Vienna all night, then it must be a safe city. Remember the streets of Vienna from the movie ‘Before Sunrise’?


6. Singapore

This is perhaps the safest city in Asia. Singapore is a city that has some of the most stringent rules for safety. This ensures that women remain safe on the streets.


7. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South

Seoul is a very professional city. Women remain safe while working and even in night clubs. All time stunning and friendly.


8. Munich, Germany


Munich is a great place for women to work. The public transport is effective and extremely safe.


9. Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is one of the busiest and most expensive cities in the world. Women work with mercurial efficiency in this city and are considered quite safe.


10. Dubai, UAE


Ask any woman from any nationality if they feel safe living in or traveling to Dubai the answer will always be “yes” without a second thought. The rate of crime is much lower in Dubai compared to other cities. The police here provides an amazing safety net for women by efficiently patrolling the city 24×7.

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