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10 Travel game ideas

Do we plan trips only for sightseeing?

Are you the one who does sightseeing and then come back to room to watch same old TV channel that you have been watching at home?

Do you check your emails after your dinner even if you are at a trip?

Then you are spoiling the whole show. Remember we plan trips or holidays not only for sightseeing but also to spend quality time with our family or friends and take a break from routine activities. So our best advice to you would be indulging more in group activities. Ok, now I can hear the mind voice of the uncle and aunty who are reading this. Did you think you about the gossiping sessions you have in the evenings in your holidays? Yes? I know most of you do that even if you go to an exotic location. I am not talking about gossiping or chatting about day to day life but ‘activities’ here I meant is games that you can easily play to make your holiday or trip more fun-filled.

When you read ‘Games’, did you think one of the following: Dumb charades, Antakshari, Truth or dare, Musical chair, Cards? If yes, then you would have had fun-filled holidays earlier. Why not try some new games other than the usual ones? Let me suggest some games that would be easy to play and also will definitely involve the whole gang, being an ice breaker.

  1. Save your balloon: Define an area where the game is going to be played and ask the players to stand in that area. Every participant is given a pair of balloons and thread. The participants are given few minutes within which they have to blow the balloon to the size they can and tie each balloon to each leg. After they tie the balloons to their legs they can start breaking other’s balloons saving theirs. The person who saves his balloon in the end is the winner. The winner should indulge in breaking others balloons while saving his.
  2. Find the personality: There can be a volunteer and a chief. The chief shall monitor the whole game and give the name of personalities to the volunteer. The participants can ask twenty questions to the volunteer and he should answer only yes/no. The person who finds the personality within twenty questions is declared as winner. The chief can gift chocolates or small gift for the winner.
  3. Identify the head: This game requires the participants to stand in a circle. One volunteer leaves the place for few minutes and the participants in the room decide on the person to be the head. The volunteer is called in and requested to stand within the circle. The selected head should perform actions like jumping or clapping or doing some weird actions which the other participants should follow without making eye contact with the head and the volunteer should find the head in given time limit. Once the head is identified, he becomes the volunteer and he should leave the room and the game continues.
  4. Escape the ring: This game is also a circle game. A volunteer is selected who should stand out. A slogan is selected which should be chanted by the volunteer. The other participants should stand in a circle holding each other’s hand forming a ring. The volunteer should enter the ring saying the slogan and should wander around the ring repeating the slogan. The volunteer should also observe the way to escape the ring and the participants should trap him within the ring. Three failure attempts of escaping makes the volunteer disqualify. If the volunteer escapes successfully, he shall name the next volunteer and join the circle. This game is more suitable for a bigger circle.
  5. Killer wink: Have chits written with something and in one of the chit write ‘KILLER’. All the participants should take a chit and enter the area or hall. The participants should walk around the area making eye contact with each other. The killer shall wink at the person and the person falls as dead. The game goes on till all are dead a participant finds the killer when the killer is winking at someone else.
  6. Step-up in paper: Have a newspaper and play some music. Everyone should dance around the newspaper. When the music stops the participants should get a place for themselves in the newspaper without tearing the same. After every round, the newspaper is folder and the size of newspaper is made short. This game goes till there are two participants and who ever gets to make it into the shortest news paper is the winner.
  7. Queen of Persia: One chief is elected and he / she becomes Queen or king of Persia. The participants are divided into groups. The King/Queen shall order demanding materials that are easily available to the participants like “Get me two titan watches” or “Get me three brown colour wallets”. The participants can beg, borrow or steal but should be able to collect the materials ordered within a time limit. The group which gets maximum or all ordered materials within time limit is declared as winner group.
  8. Check your memory: Dedicate a room for the game. Ask the participants to stay outside. A volunteer should arrange the room with lot of items which they have, say minimum 30 items. The participants are sent to the room in one go and are allowed to observe the room for 2 minutes. All are sent out of the room after 2 minutes and the room is locked. The participants are requested to write all the items they saw with brand names or colors within 3 to 5 minutes. Whoever lists the maximum items correctly shall be the winner.
  9. Do not answer: Select a chief. The chief shall ask questions to each participant for a time limit and the participants should answer irrelevant to the question. The participant should not use single words as reply and should not repeat a reply for more than 3 times. The participant is declared disqualified if they answer relevantly or break the rule of the game. The participant who finishes the time limit successfully replying irrelevantly is declared winner.
  10. Guide your partner: The participants are divided into pairs and time limit is set for the game. One participant in the pair is blind folded while the other is asked to guide the blind folded person. The participants should not touch each other. For every pair a destination is decided after one of the participant is blind folded. The participant who is not blind folded should guide the blind folded participant to the destination only by giving instructions while the others in the crowd shall create noise or misguide the blind folded participant. If the blind folded participant reaches destination within time limit , then they are declared as winners.

The games I mentioned about are interesting? Do you feel like taking a holiday now to try these? Do not delay. The summer is round the corner and you should plan your holiday. Contact  iTraveller or go through our website for amazing destinations and exciting packages. We assure you a memorable trip. 

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