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Ten Things that Could Land You in Trouble Abroad

Every country has its own social norms. beliefs, values and practices. It makes sense to have a basic knowledge of some of these while traveling abroad so you respect the social mores of different societies. It is always a good idea to read a little about the place before travelling. We have listed things to avoid when visiting these countries:

1. Never Light a Cigarette in Bhutan

Never light a smoke in

If you are a smoker, never think of lighting one in Bhutan as smoking is banned in this country. Remember, smoking in a public place can cost you a bomb!

2. Never Stop on the Highway in Germany

Never stop in the highway in

The Autobahn highway system in Germany (with no federally mandated speed limit) allow you to drive at high speeds. But you are not allowed to stop on the highway unless it’s an emergency. Running out of fuel is certainly not one of them, so make sure you have enough till you cross the highway.

3. Eating Out during Ramadan in Dubai

Eating out during Ramadan in

It’s basic courtesy to respect and follow the local customs in a country. During the Ramadan month, it’s illegal to eat outside during the fasting hours. Visitors may be arrested, if they are found eating/drinking outside.

4. Don’t Spit Out Chewing Gum in Singapore

Don’t use chewing gum in

Singapore has banned chewing gum since 2004 to ensure cleanliness. It’s always better to not to chew gum outside your home and respect their effort to ensure cleanliness.

5. Never Leave a Tip in Japan

Never leave a tip in

Never even think of leaving a tip in Japan after having food in restaurants because it is considered as an insult.

6. Don’t Honk in New Zealand

Don’t honk in New

Don’t honk while driving in New Zealand no matter how many obstacles come in your way. You will be fined for unnecessary honking unless it’s an emergency.

7. Don’t Eat in Public Transport in Singapore

Don’t eat in public transport in

Don’t eat/drinks in public transport in Singapore. You might end up paying a huge amount as penalty.

8. Don’t Step On a Currency Note in Thailand

Don’t step on a currency note in

Never step on a currency note in Thailand, because the currency carries the picture of the regal head of state, so it is considered an insult to the Royal family. Doing so can land you into deep trouble.

9.Don’t Wear High Heels in Greece

 Don’t wear high heels in

Women are advised not to wear high heels in Greece while visiting archaeological sites so it doesn’t cause harm to the monuments. Women are supposed to wear shoes that don’t damage the monuments.

10. Carrying Mineral Water Can Land You in Trouble in Nigeria

Taking mineral water can land you in trouble in

Carrying mineral water into Nigeria can get you into trouble and you might end up paying hefty fine.

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