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The Amazing Experience of Domestic Travelling

Want to travel? Why not start with your country! There is a misconception about travelling that it should be abroad but that is not true. Before travelling abroad people should understand their country more and explore its culture and visit its ancient buildings which carry a lot of stories of previous glories that gives you goose pump while listening to it and heighten your pride of your own country. So how about travelling inside your country?

Come with me and I will show you how much fun you will have being a tourist in your own country.

1. It is quite cheaper!

beautiful captivating places

As a privilege of being a citizen of your country -while being a tourist in it- you will know the true range of the prices of the things you need. Unlike what happen with tourists from foreign countries when they ask for a bottle of water the seller would be like “30 dollars for a bottle of water sir!” Another privilege is that the country offers cheaper prices for you as a citizen to see the beautiful captivating places.

2. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDEaudio guide

Usually when going to a touristic site abroad you would need a translator device like an audio guide but because you are in your own country you will only need a guide book and have the sweet privilege of not using an audio guide and also you will be able to easily communicate with the local people since you are one of them.

3. Finding your ROOTSIndian flag, beautiful places , travelling

What is more thrilling than that huge pride and goose pump that you get while listening to the strife and struggles of the people who have gone before we were even born? Understanding how they overcame the hardships that they faced to reach great heights and build great historical monuments, which stand high until now! it makes you awe from its beautiful architecture and pity how others who were in the height of glory fall to the bottom of the pyramid system, but still struggle to get back to their previous glory. some have succeeded, others have failed. This is the history of your country understanding it makes you understand yourself, your identity and know how deep your roots go into earth. Might as well memorize your country’s national anthem.

4. Becoming International!

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While travelling in your country you will find tourists from other countries, of course you will interact with them naturally if you are travelling with the same agency. The perks you will have is that you can fluently speak with the locals, by that you will be able to help your fellow travellers in many things! Like that you will have friends from all over the world and will stay in contact for a long period. Later when you want to travel abroad you can contact your international friends! You would be like “Hey my friend we will meet soon”.

5. Getting the experience of travellingwaterfall scenery, beautiful places A method of getting experience is by learning from the mistakes made, so after going around your country you will become a professional traveller! You will learn a lot of things like what to pack and what you need. So if you forgot something or did something wrong you will always remember it, a mistake I made before was when I forgot to pack my only jeans when I travelled. I had to go with my travelling sweat pants for a couple of days, after that whenever I travel I never forget my jeans – but sometimes forget other things-. Also as mentioned above you will deal with people from all over the world thus you will understand the diversity of different cultures and you will get a less culture shock from the country you are going to.
Travelling all over your own country will give you a lot of benefits since now when you travel abroad you can compare the difference between your country and the country you are travelling to in its culture, architecture, food and many other things. Be reminded when travelling abroad you will be representing your country. Travelling around your country is like the preparation before an important event, after that you will be more confident when you want to travel abroad! You will know what you need to bring and what to expect so in order to make it right for the first time abroad pack your bag and lets go exploring our country!


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