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The awesome Dudhsagar !

There are some really cool places around which suit any age group, any kind of vacation , any definition of fun and one such is Dudhsagar. The waterfall is situated in the entrance of Goa, few kms from Londa jn. Planning for a bachelor’s party ? This is one of the best choice to enjoy trekking , cycling or a terrific jeep ride. Wanna go to some water destination with your loved ones ? (well, thats what we did and it is still a trip to remember). With your little ones, trek is little tough, but you can definitely show them the super cool jeep ride and experience chill chill waterfall. Got some food to pack, some mats to place and some elders to join you ? This place suits any type of vacation trip. Let me tell our story !

I had planned this trip as a surprise to my husband for his birthday. Theme of “Water adventures”. He dint know where we were going. He dint know how many places, he dint know any detail. He just got into the train with me, all excited and curious to know where we are going. Morning 5 AM we got down at Londa Jn, no space to rest, we roamed around Londa , the small tea shops, early morning Churches, perfect weather. Around 8 AM we saw the jeeps started to Dudhsagar. Yes – you have to take their jeep ride unless you want to trek or you have a perfect jeep that can climb a hill.

dudhsagar_waterfall_goa2Loved the journey of jeep crossing a small river, then climbing rocky places.. wohooo! after an hour we reached the place. And yes we had to walk about half a km to reach the water falls. Ā Just got mesmerised at the sight of that awesome waterfalls. Though you have a huge crowd around with people chatting amongst themselves in several languages, you won’t be hearing anything. All your ears will focus is the chirp chirp of tiny birds along with the hush sound of natural water flowing down just waiting for your first touch. And the weather (if you go there at right time) is gonna make you experience heaven.

We enjoyed the waterfall bath and then came back to the rocks and sat on one to relax. Yes, there will be few vendors to sell you cool drinks and beer but no shops or stalls over that place. After a 15 mins relaxation, we wanted to go back as our jeep driver had given us couple of hours time. We walked towards the jeep stand and reached there almost, then saw each other. We quickly ran fast to the waterfall again (yes, crazily ran and jumped through the rocks and went to witness that pretty site of waterfall again. Then drenched ourselves again in the water. Finally had to run back to the jeep, where the driver was angry and shouting (obviously on us) but I appreciate the fact that he was waiting for us šŸ˜›

Frankly, we were not in a situation to enjoy return journey in the jeep ride. We were tired and wanted to relax.Ā All we had was the one tiffin stall in Londa, where we had some bread omelettes and beer. And then we started to the next place šŸ™‚ The birthday boy was thrilled just like you, not knowing which is the next place. Will share the details with you all about the next water adventure soon.


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Your trip ! Your way !

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