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Tips to plan your trip the smart way !

“Hey the long weekend is nearing. We should plan for a trip”

“Baby lets plan for trip this summer yaar”

“Macha, lets plan a college reunion trip da”

There are so many reasons to go for a trip. It could be with friends or just you and your partner or with whole family but it should be memorable one. Do you think just the place that you go brings you good memories?  If you think so, hold on. Think you go to a dream place for a holiday but few things upset you every now and then. Will that not spoil your trip? So its not just the place but also a proper plan would make your trip most memorable one.

So this article is about how you plan the trip.

Defining budget: 

‘Budget’ though this word would not bring joy to others but if you are the planner then you need to define your budget for the trip or holiday which shall help you to plan your expenses accordingly. This shall also help you to select the place, travel and stay.

Selecting your accommodation:

Do not think that the hotel you are going to stay is not very important as most of the time you are going to be outside. The accommodation is equally important to make your stay a pleasant one. If you plan for a leisure trip and you want to relax during your stay then select a resort which is of your taste. If it’s going to be lot of sightseeing, then choose a decent hotel and the important thing is the location of the hotel.  The hotel should be in the center of city or connecting all the sightseeing areas in equal distance. This shall help you to cover maximum areas in shorter time. Remember, it’s not only rates but also the ratings and reviews about the hotel or resort that matters.

Researching about the place:shutterstock_113191540

Before you start your trip, you should have complete details about the location you are going. Spend some time to Google about the place, about the weather conditions the time you travel, tourist spots,  Do’s and Don’ts in the place. Take a note of emergency numbers if any mentioned for that location (You might get it from the hotel or resort but having it on hand shall definitely help you.)

Planning the stay:

If you are not much into sightseeing, then your job is quiet easy. But if you’re the other side and you want to cover all the tourist spot in the planned dates then you need to put a proper planning giving buffer time for each place and also for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s always not possible to cover all the locations in a trip and so you need to prioritize the tourist spots based on the distance and value of that tourist spot. You need to plan especially when you are going with family because there would be people of different age group and they have their own priorities. Kids would love to go for a theme park and elders would love to go to temples. So its tough job but I can bet you that planning your days of the trip shall definitely give you peace.


Pack your bags:

“Less the baggage, easier the ride” is common saying. Carry minimal clothes. Exception is for kids. “When in Rome do as romans do” should be applicable to the dresses you wear in the location. Wear chic clothes that match the location you are visiting. You see, saree in Las vegas or mini skirt in Manali would not be the right match. And don’t forget to carry the other required stuffs for your trip like sun screen lotions or moisturizing creams, selfie sticks, DSLRs or digi-cams and its accessories, make up items etc.



Hope you liked this article that makes your trips more memorable and peaceful. If you feel tough doing all this, stop worrying. Contact  iTraveller or go through our website for amazing destinations and exciting packages. We assure you a memorable trip. 

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Your trip ! Your way !

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