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Traveller’s Experience: A Professional Gamer is an Experienced Traveller

When I travelled for the first time through iTraveller. I discovered that I have good skills in navigating all around the world cities, wondering where I acquired this skill, I started researching. I found out that I use lots of navigation in video games maps. Being curious about myself I looked into why I love travelling and I discovered Gaming is one of the main suspects.

Let me divide it into perspective of different directions and see how gamers might like travelling.

1.Exploring the Mysteries of the World

 wonderful world, game genres

As a gamer I always say to myself “let me go further, let me explore more, I want to see more!” Games like Final Fantasy -which is based on fighting strong enemies and exploring amazing worlds with amazing buildings or wildlife- it made me curious about unexplored places, pushing myself to find places I have not seen. Gaming also made me appreciate the magnificent architecture design of historical buildings.

2. Re-living the Historytrip planner , rome Italy, itraveller

Most games have a story line. Some fictional and some are about true events, games like Age of Empires and Rome: Total War is one of the reasons why I really adore and love our ancestors’ history and stories. Living their life, seeing how they fought their way through hardships, I Wanted to see these great civilization. When I went to Rome Italy exploring its streets I imaged myself as a roman fighter defending against the Gaul cunning warriors!

3. Being a genius in Money ManagementMysteries of the World, itraveller

Have you played monopoly before? Will playing it made me aware about money management and in what to spend it. Though I always lose against my genius friend in this game I got the skill to buy what I really need and make the wisest decision.

4. Planning My TripPlanning My Trip, play monopoly online, trip planner


Strategy games -which is my favourite genre of gaming- trains the mind in ways that makes you always look in the present and the future at the same time. As travelling takes lots of planning, strategy games gave me the skill to manage my time and resources to fully absorb/accomplish/achieve the best experience.

5. Challenging GamesChallenge games

Facing an enemy in a game like dark souls II made me resilient and stubborn on overcoming challenges. When I travelled in many different countries I always find myself facing a challenge or a difficulty for example a bad hotel, weird food or language barriers still being stubborn I overcame these difficulties. Also gaming encouraged me to not fear travelling and always makes me excited about the next challenge, will it be pleasant, will it hold more special memories or will it have harder challenges and learn something new?

Gaming is used for escapism to visit wonderful worlds and hear beautiful stories, but you only hear and see the story. In the other hand travelling you will not only hear and see, you also feel, you touch and you smell the new air of the mysterious country.

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