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Traveller’s Experience: Paris Beyond Eiffel Tower

Et voilà! Oohh …. Pardon me if I started my conversation with you in French. How can anyone fight the urging need of becoming a Parisian, to be part of the city of art, the city of light?

It’s said that Hitler gave General Dietrich von Choltitz an order to turn the city of light into a “pile of rubble”. To destroy Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum …, but he kept staring at them taken by their beauty, he couldn’t move a muscle. Well we all know why anyone like the general here would risk his life for Paris. We now come to the main purpose of the article, how to be a Parisian? Before we start just pick up your scarf and umbrella, and let’s go.

1. Eiffel Towereiffel tower, la place de la concorde

First we will just check in, put our bags in the rooms, freshen up, and run to see the one and only Eiffel Tower. Heeeey just don’t forget to close your room’s door from excitement. Just get into the magnificent Parisian Metro that have a stop underneath every place in the city of music, take Metro line 6 – Bir Hakeim or Metro line 8 Ecole Militaire. RER C: Champ de Mars.

2. Notre Dame Cathedral pont alexandre iii bridge, la Seine River

Come on, I know the feeling of just chilling while the slightly cold Parisian air is pushing you to sleep under the shadow of the Eiffel tower, but we have a lot to do before sleeping. Yep, we will take that bridge, and for god’s sake hold yourself. What you see in front of you is called Pont Alexandre III Bridge, well that’s what they call it, and actually I call it beauty.

Ohhh the chill that moves through your body seeing THE Notre Dame face to face, I wonder what will you do when we see it from inside?? Can you see that with me? How did they do that? THE DETAILS!!!! The Smell!! Every millimetre is not just built, well actually it is…..agghh there is no word in the dictionary that can describe what we are seeing. Just let’s have a seat and try to take all that beauty in.

3. Paris Seine River CruiseParis Seine River Cruise, seine river cruise,

Yes I can hear that voice it’s our stomachs’, I’m starving… We are not going far, there is a beautiful Parisian restaurant nearby and absolutely good for our budget called “Le Petit Chatelet”. I will teach you some words to act like a Parisian “S’il vous plait” to get the waiter’s attention. Don’t forget to say “Merci” it’s thank you in English.

Now time to see the essence of Paris “la Seine River” I know the weather is even getting better. Let’s buy 2 tickets for us, and begin cruising. Well I’m also confused either to go to the second floor and fill my lungs with fresh Parisian air while enjoying the view or to stay downstairs and watch what we are visiting through the windows while hearing the explanation through headphones.

Let’s climb the stairs with them all, and don’t hurry you won’t need a seat. Actually they all will keep standing every minute just to have a clear view of the sights. We want to make sure we ride from in front of Eiffel Tower. On your right, yes, the Eiffel Tower. Do you see all these romantic couples just simply having bread, cheese, grapes, and wine? That’s why Paris is the city of love. Hey, hey look on your left, that’s Place de la Concorde…. Don’t worry we will see it on the return journey better. Your right, Musée d’Orsay … It’s getting dark now, I know the lights are beautiful, that’s the city of light. Also Musée d’Orsay will have its turn just have patience with me. Now you know what’s on your lift, right? Notre Dame all alone in its island. Ooh the breeze…… That’s Hôtel de Ville. Ohhhh, I see you’re beginning to be knowledgeable about this city already you know that one??? Because of the famous glass pyramid!! Try now to find a seat while enjoying lastly but not the least THE Place de la Concorde. Feel the breeze forcing its way into your lungs….. See that diamond shining in this black Silk Sheet there? That’s Eiffel Tower lights all white lights like thousands of stars shining together every hour for 5 minutes between the gasps of tourists.

Well my friend, I just going now to sit on la Seine River side and be part of the city of light. Join me.

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