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How to Stick to your Diet When on Vacation in Barbados

Vacation in Barbados

If you’re lucky enough to go on vacation somewhere beautiful and spend time in one of the stunning beachfront villas in barbados chances are you’re in for a vacation of a lifetime. However, we all know that it’s too easy to eat too much and do very little physical activity when we’re away. So how can you stick to your diet when you’re on vacation in Barbados? Read on for some great ideas:

Drink Lots of WaterVacation in Barbados

One of the best things you can do when you go on vacation somewhere hot is to drink a lot of water. The good news is that tap water is perfectly fine to drink in Barbados, in fact, it’s thought to be some of the cleanest tap water in the world. This means that you can stay hydrated while you’re in your villa and when you’re out and about. You may want to think about purchasing a reusable water bottle from one of the nearby shops so you can top it up when you need to.

If you cannot find a reusable aluminium water bottle for sale you may want to head to Massy Stores Supercentre in Bridgetown as you’ll find a lot of bottled water for sale there. The Gourmet Shop in Holetown is also a good place to shop for a bottle of water that you can simply refill when it’s empty.

If you plan to stop somewhere for lunch you may want to ensure you have a lot to drink with your meal. Bliss Cafe in St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church and Coffee Barbados Cafe in Bridgetown are great places to enjoy a light meal and the drinks aren’t that badly priced either. Try to have at least one glass of water with your meal as this will help you to stay full and keep you hydrated too.

Enjoy a Good Meal Every DayVacation in Barbados

When you go on vacation you’re more than likely to enjoy a few local dishes and you’ll probably be tempted to eat more than you do at home. This is perfectly normal and it’s all part of going on vacation. However, if you are trying to watch what you eat you may find it hard to stick to your diet when you’re away.

The good news is there are a lot of great places to dine in Barbados and a lot of them have some healthy dishes on offer. For example, Fred’s Bar and Restaurant which is located in Oistins Bay Garden serves up some delicious salads which won’t leave you feeling hungry. Another eatery that is worth trying is Nishi Restaurant which is located in Holetown. Serving up vegetarian and vegan dishes along with seafood this restaurant is ideal if you want to treat yourself without consuming too many calories.

Burn off Those Extra CaloriesVacation in Barbados

As we are all well aware it’s too easy to eat a bit too much when on vacation, but Barbados happens to be the ideal destination if you have had too much to eat. The beaches in this part of the world are absolutely stunning and are ideal if you would like to go for a run or a brisk walk. Please note that it does get quite hot during the day so you may want to save your run for the early morning or as the sun is beginning to set. Enterprise beach can be found outside Oistins and is perfect for a run thanks to its white sand and relatively flat beach. 

If you have a lot of energy and you like nothing more than a good workout you may want to visit one of the many gyms and health clubs in the area. Surfside Wellness Centre can be found at Warrens and Wildey and it is locally known for helping people get in shape and enjoy a well-balanced diet. 

Remember to Treat yourself – vacation in BarbadosVacation in Barbados

Remember you’re on vacation and being away from the stresses and strains of everyday life gives you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Have that dessert you like the look of, indulge in a few meals that you wouldn’t eat at home and generally have a great time. You don’t have to be too strict on yourself while you’re on vacation as you may not have as much fun as you’d like. You can always decide to have a salad or another healthy dish if you’ve found you’ve eaten too much, but try not to be too worried about it. Remember, you can always work off those extra pounds when you get home.

It is perfectly possible for you to stick to your diet when you’re on vacation, you just have to be sensible about what you eat and how much exercise you get. The good news is that Barbados is the ideal location if you’re looking to spend a bit of time in the sun, enjoy a run on the beach and tuck into a great meal or two.

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