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When it comes to Holidays, people take these 9 things for granted

Going for a holiday is fun. Exploring things around, meeting new people and discovering a new culture can be very exciting. It not only gives you a chance to get out of your day to day routine life but also rejuvenates you by enriching your senses., Holiday packages

Therefore, it is better that you keep in mind few things before you set off for your much awaited Holiday. At the cost of sounding too negative or extra-cautous, this list may just help you avoid few of the most obvious things we take for granted when it comes to planning for Holidays.

1) Travel Medical Insurance

Medical travel insurance intends covering medical expenses, financial defaults and other losses of travelers either at your domestic country or Internationally. It can be a temporary travel insurance which can usually be arranged before booking a trip or a “multi-trip” policy to cover multiple trips within a set period of time. At times a person who is travelling can face problems like delay in checked baggage, missed connecting flights, trip curtailment, etc. due to any unforeseeable reason. Such problems can be covered easily with the help of travel insurance

2) Locking bags

You are not going to be lucky always while travelling. There can be many pickpockets or smart thieves who can ride you off your money without you even knowing what hit you. You may think that locking baggage and keeping it sealed may not give you any glory. However this can be the prime most act of having a safe, secured journey. The suitcases these days come with password locks. They are much better than using an actual lock.

3) Carrying valuables

Some people forget that they are going on a Holiday and not for a meeting with Bappi Lahiri. People tend to have the notion that while they are travelling they may feel the need of various stuff, however at the end of the trip they find out, they never needed them at all. Thus refrain from carrying extra jewelry, extra cash and anything not necessary, which if you lose can make you cry your heart out. Be safe than sorry should be the maxim you should live by during your Holidays. Trust me it’s not that difficult.

4) Keep your bags light and limited

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When going on Holidays, one important rule to be followed is being as less occupied with big luggage as possible. The lesser bags you carry, the faster you can commute, the more you can explore, and hence more would be the enjoyment. People go on Holidays tours to various places, which may require them shifting from one place to another frequently. In the commotion of shifting, many times, they forget the count of the bags that they have. And that is a crime. Imagine losing a bag at the airport if you are on a Honeymoon trip or back at the hotel in a hill station while checking out and realizing it much later. Disastrous.

5) Confirm your entire Holiday itinerary

This can be a big problem especially when you are going during peak seasons. Multiple tickets and several bookings might lead to errors in dates, locations and commute. Thus, it is better to confirm all your bookings, reservations, tickets, etc at least 3-4 days before traveling. Not only that, you should also keep the required printouts, tickets, e-mails, messages regarding your bookings properly about a week before you travel. The last thing you want is spoiling your entire holidaying experience due to lack of due diligence.

6) Do a pre-check of the hotel you plan to stay at

Always do your homework well. Though this applies to anyone who is going for a Holiday, but especially true for Honeymoon couples or Holidaying families. Always check for the credibility of the place you are staying at from various review sites or by doing a bit of googling (or binging, if there is a word like that). Also if you are getting the booking done through a travel agent, ask for an honest review of the hotel and do not think twice before changing it if you smell anything fishy.

7) Do not be over friendly with people during your trip

When Holidaying, people tend to get a little too careless about certain things. Though a major perk of travelling is to see new places and meet new people, the same should be done with a measure of caution. You should save yourself from unwanted acquaintances and friendship if your sixth sense sends you negative signals. Most of the times people are good and helpful, but it takes only one thug to spoil your once in a lifetime experience. Remember the popular saying, if someone/something sounds too good to be true-It’s evil.

8) Know the basic culture of where you are visiting

It may take 30-40 minutes of your time on the Internet, but will go a long way in enriching your Holidaying experience. Know a little about the people in your Holiday destination, what is their history, basic customs and traditions of that place. You will not only be sensitive but also understand and appreciate some of the behavioural nuances of the locals. On top of it, you will be able to impress your partner with explanations for occasional curiosities he or she might have from time to time.

9) Be disciplined

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When you are Holidaying, you have the tendency to indulge in things that are fun and nice. Isn’t that’s what Holidays are meant for? But it does not give you the liberty to behave whichever way you want to. When you go out to travel, it’s common to see people cross the line of fun and enjoyment and getting into the territory of brazen revelry, which is a strict no-no. Things may not turn out to be as you plan all the time. So be disciplined and be responsible.


So go on, plan a great holiday and let your hair down without compromising the quality of your vacation time.


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