One of the most often seen mistakes committed by those planning Kerala honeymoon packages is to travel from their home town by flight. However, most of them forget the fact that apart from flights, there are better options for those who stays in cities like Bangalore, Chennai or other nearby cities within about 1000 kilometers. For example, there are overnight trains from Chennai, starting by 07:45 PM (Train Number: 2623 - Trivandrum Mail) and 09:15 PM (Train Number: 6041 - Alleppey Express). Likewise, the appropriate trains from Bangalore include the trains starting at 05:15 PM (Train Number: 16315 - Kochuveli Exp) and at 09:40 PM (Train Number: 16526 - Kanyakumari Exp). All of these trains are overnight in nature. By the time you take a nice on-board dinner and wake up after the sleep, the morning will welcome you in the land of pristinely divine and green meshed Kerala. The early morning train journey through the villages of northern Kerala, towards Cochin is one of the most refreshing experiences one can have in Kerala honeymoon packages. Ideally, you will reach Cochin any time between 5 AM and 10 AM, in case you board any of the above trains. The buses are also of the similar kind, to arrive in Kerala, when it comes to the travel time. Those from Bangalore, can consider boarding buses from Madiwala/Majestic. From Chennai, you can board the buses from Koyembedu bus terminus. On the other hand, if you have decided to fly down, you still need to spend about 2 hours to travel from airport to the Cochin city. Those who travel from other cities which are farther than 1000 kilometers - for example, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and so on, undoubtedly, the flight is the best option available.
One of the key aspects in your Kerala honeymoon packages are to ensure that you don't plan anything very hectic for the days of arrival and departure. However, the sightseeing plan can be decided based on the overall itinerary that you wish to take. For example, if you wish to take a city tour in Cochin and if you plan to spend the last night in houseboat, Alleppey, you will be checking out of the houseboat by 9 AM on the last day, making available a complete day (till evening) for you to spend in Cochin city to take a city tour, visit places like Fort Cochin, water theme parks and also may be some of the temples like Shiva Temple or Chottanikkara. However, if you have decided to spend the last two nights in a farther place like Munnar (takes 4 hours from Munnar to Cochin); it's not really easy for you to spend more than 2 or 3 hours in Cochin, before boarding an evening train/flight. Typically, based on our experiences of past few years, most of the tourists would prefer to arrive Cochin sometime before noon, follow the itinerary and also spend may be a day or even a day and night in Cochin, before returning to home town.
What's the right number of days required to see Kerala? Indeed, there is no right answer for that question. One can see part of Kerala with as little as 2 nights or spend a good 15 days and still feel insufficient. As a destination, it's a long beach of about 1000 kilometers, from one end to the other. The key destinations can be categorized into three Central Kerala (near Cochin), South Kerala (near Trivandrum) and North Kerala (near Calicut). Among central Kerala regions, the most prominent ones include Munnar (4 hours East of Cochin), Thekkady (4 hours East of Cochin), Kumarakom (2 hours South of Cochin), Alleppey (2 hours South of Cochin), Athirappally Waterfalls (2 hours north of Kerala) and Fort Cochin (30 minutes West of Cochin). South Kerala destinations comprise Kovalam Beach (30 min South of Trivandrum), Poovar Beach (1 hour South of Cochin), Varkala Beach (1 hour North of Trivandrum) and Kanyakumari (3 hours South of Trivandrum). Among North Kerala regions, Wayanad (3 hours East of Calicut), Cannore (2 hours North of Calicut) and Bekal (3 hours North of Calicut) are the most prominent ones. A diligent travel planning is utmost important to ensure your Kerala honeymoon packages a great experience. As you must have realized by reading the above, logically, any destination that requires more than say 3 hours, deserve at least two nights of stay. In addition to that, some destinations have so much to offer in terms of sightseeing and hence recommended to spend at least two nights. For example, Munnar, Wayanad, Kovalam, Poovar etc typically need at least two nights to have a smooth experience of Kerala honeymoon packages.
One fundamental mistake made by most of those who come here for Kerala honeymoon packages is to squeeze everything within a short time frame. The recommendation is not to overdo and jam-pack your Kerala honeymoon packages. On contrary to a trip to the heritage destinations like Delhi or Rajasthan, every destination/attraction in Kerala requires a high amount of gestation period to stay for a while, sink-in and relish. Unlike a monumental or heritage trip, here you don't get to see huge, centuries aged, history laden edifices, monuments or tombs. There is not much of local culture, colourful cities, fun-n-frolic filled shopping malls around here in generic Kerala honeymoon packages. Instead, it's all about the verdant beauty of nature and its numerous variants of green meadows clearing the settings for an orange rich dawn, valley views of thick pine forests merging with that of sandal woods nearby. The simple thumb rule is to spend a little more than what you think needed, at each of the destinations. You get to unveil more and more of the beauty of the nature, when your expectations are right and enough time is given to each of the destinations.
People say every state in India is a country by itself for their diverse attributes, locales, language, food habits, religion and traditions. With that assumption, it's suggested to respect these nuances and thereby ensure you get a great Kerala honeymoon packages. Some of them are as simple as removing slippers when you enter the temples/churches/mosques/other places of worship. For Keralites, these places are revered for their purity and presence of divine powers. Likewise, as far as the fashion is concerned, some of the remote villages near Alleppey, Munnar, Thekkady etc might not very well digest the ultra modern semi-open dressing styles. This might not be a huge concern when you stay within the touristy spots, mostly frequented by travellers - however, it's advised to be cautious in case you take diversions away from normal traffic routes. It would also come handy if you can prepare yourselves with some of the basics of 'mallu' - namasthe meaning good morning, hello, hi etc; vellam meaning water; Oonu meaning meals; sukhamano meaning how're you? and so on.