Large palaces and small blue houses, narrow lanes and baolis (step wells) these are the things that make up the rustic town of Bundi. Situated in the Hadoti region, 210 km from Jaipur, this town radiates its Rajput heritage. The architecture and the walls of the palaces are adorned with life-size frescos that depict the stories of its erstwhile rulers. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve time travelled when you reach Bundi. The untouched medieval charm of the town is fabled. Tourist attractions in Bundi range from mansions, step wells, palaces to paintings and lakes. The Taragarh Fort also known as Star Fort is a truly magnificent fort that dominates the town’s skyline and offers the best view of the town. Bundi Palace is situated on the hill next to the Taragarh fort is another place one must visit in Bundi to witness traditional murals. When it comes to seeing the fabled waterworks in Bundi, head to Raniji ki Baoli, is one of the many Step wells in Bundi that are absolutely worth the visit. Other places to visit in Bundi include Nawal Sagar; an artificial square shaped lake, Sukh Mahal, Chitasala, Jait Sagar lake, Old town and the 84 Pillared cenotaphs. Have you been longing for a vacation? Take a look at our Bundi Rajasthan holiday package and start planning your vacation in Rajasthan right away. With iTraveller you can customize the itinerary as well as get premium support throughout your travels.

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