Located in the North Andaman, Diglipur is the largest island in Andaman archipelago. With pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, numerous fun activities to do, Diglipur is a popular tourist destination in Andaman. The famous Ross and Smith Island in Diglipur are home to lots of adventure activities. Diglipur is located 330 Kms (by road) and 185 km (by sea) from Port Blair and it is the best destination in Andamans for eco-friendly tourists. The top places to visit in Diglipur include the Ramnagar and Kalipur beach Lamba bay and Diglipur national park. The dense tropical forest houses a super-rich wildlife, some of which are endemic. Saddle Peak, the highest peak in Andamans is situated in the national park and offers breathtaking views of the islands. The famous Ross and Smith Island are located near Diglipur and are accessible from Ariel bay market. These islands are mostly popular for water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and lot more. Plan on visiting Diglipur? Check out Andaman holiday packages by iTraveller to get value for money deals to this amazing holiday destination in India.

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