Named after Sir Henry Havelock, a British general, The Havelock Island belongs to the Ritchie's Archipelago and is located between Peel Island and Neil Island. Popular for its beaches, laid back vibe and great scuba diving locations, Havelock is a picturesque natural paradise. This island, with its beautiful sandy beaches fringed with a green canopy of the rain-fed forests, tempts everyone to experience this wondrous place in all its glory.
Spread in an area of 113 sq. km. and located 39 km northeast of Port Blair, Havelock Island offers a perfect beach vacation in Andaman. The beaches have been given a rather boring numbering system instead of names, although few names like Elephant beach and Radhanagar are in popular use. Also known as Number 7 Beach, Radhanagar Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock and was named "Best Beach in Asia" by Time in 2004. Other famed beaches include Vijay Nagar Beach (No. 5), Beach 3 and Beach 1 on the east coast. Kalapathar is another famous beach on Havelock island.
The abundance of marine life around Havelock offers a rich and opulent variety of varied scuba diving sites. There are many for you to choose from like the ‘Seduction Point’, ‘Aquarium’, ‘Lighthouse’, ‘Pilot Reef’, ‘Mac Point’, ‘Minerva Ledge’ and ‘Turtle Bay’. They are all great areas for scuba diving. For the adventure enthusiasts, The Elephant Beach is the perfect spot. The rich coral reef formation and amazing underwater marine life make it the best place for snorkelling in Andaman. Accessible by a small cruise boat from Havelock Jetty in about 40 minutes, it is an ideal site for witnessing some underwater beauty first hand. Apart from beautiful beaches and the marine life at your footstep, you can also enjoy the majestic elephant rides, bird watching experiences, game finishing, kayaking and more. Havelock, by all means, is an excellent location with something to offer for everyone. Whether you want to spend a holiday pampering yourself with the luxuries or indulging in water sports in Andaman, we can help you plan an itinerary that includes just the things you want. Check it out right now!

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