A tiny coastal town situated in the Galle district of Sri Lanka, Bentota attracts tourists from around the world. 64 km away from the capital city, Bentota is famed for its pristine beaches, watersports and Historical sites and shopping centres.
Bentota is blessed with a long coast that makes the Bentota Beach and stretches further to become the sandy Paradise Island. Rich vibrant coral sites invite scuba divers, and people who enjoy snorkelling, making Bentota a haven for those who enjoy water sports. The main dive site in Bentota is the Canoe rock where one can even go diving at night, a perfect option for adventure enthusiasts. Other water sports like jet skiing and windsurfing are also popular in Bentota. Bentota is also known as a resort town, where one can enjoy world-class luxury at Hotels. Numerous shopping centres offer a colourful assortment of things that one can fill their bags up with. Apart from the water sports and beach other things to do in Bentota include visiting the Brief Garden, which is similar to a Japanese garden and is truly a spectacular experience. Another place to visit in this Srilankan resort town includes The Centuries old Galapatha Buddhist Temple, Kosgoda beach & Ventura Beach and Bentota Folk Art centre.
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