There might be no better places to visit in Europe than the beautiful and the charming city of Budapest. A city that proudly resides on the banks of the river Danube, Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a city that approximately 1,700,000 people call their home.

In Budapest, there are millions of things to indulge yourself without having to spend a minute wondering what to do next. The city adds up as a place for families to create some beautiful memories, for art enthusiasts to dive deeper into the history through its architectural bounties, and even for kids to spoil themselves doing things to their heart's content.

For a start, you could let the kids (and you as well) blow off some steam at the Aquaworld Budapest and the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular. Spend hours taking loads of pictures with the exotic birds and lizards of the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Park if Budakeszi.

For the grownups who plan to indulge in some fun and games, make sure you head to the Las Vegas Casino and the Tropicana Casino. On some other day, you could even try your luck at the Orfeum Casino. For the adventurous ones, you must visit the Palvolgyi Cave and Sas-Mountain Natural Reserve. The Janox Hill and Szemlohegy Caves are also two places that should be on your itinerary.

Find a quiet corner at one of the numerous pleasant urban parks like the Memento Park and Margaret Island Park and maybe flip some pages of a book under the green trees of City Park and Nepliget or take a small nap.

Words possibly won’t do justice to the scale of things you could keep yourself busy in Budapest. You should make it a point to explore and discover the wonders of this European city with our personalized Hungary Holiday Packages that’ll give you the freedom to plan the trips, the way you want it to. 


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