Nusa Dua

Situated a few Kilometers away from Kuta, Nua dua is a gated region dedicated to tourism. The name Nua Dua can be translated to “two Islands”, referring to the two raised headlands. This region is known as an enclave for huge luxurious resorts. As the enclave is gated, anyone who enters through any of the three gates goes through a security check, making this a very safe place to stay.
One of the top sightseeing places in Nusa Dua includes the Water Blow, known to form giant waves that crash on the limestone cliffs creating a spectacle. From the unique vantage point of Water Blow, one can see picturesque as well as a dramatic seascape. There is always a beach nearby in Bali. In Nusa Dua, it’s the Greger Beach. It’s a tranquil beach good for sunbathing and swimming. Tanjung Benoa is a rapidly developing area situated close to the enclave but offers cheaper hotels. Benoa port is one of the most important ports in Bali whereas the Benoa village lets you experience Balinese culture from up close.
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Nusa Dua

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