Poovar is a very famous town which is situated on the southern most tip of Kerala located about 30 km from Trivandrum. This particular place is located very close to Vizhinjam, which is a natural harbour. It is one of the unexplored and unspoilt destinations in Kerala with absolutely serene backwaters, which open up to the sea. The fact that makes Poovar a quiet tourist spot is the Neyyar river which flows through this place into the Arabian Sea. Another interesting fact is that Poovar can only be reached by water and perfect who couples looking for absolute solitude with an abundant well preserved flora and fauna. One factor which separates Poovar from other places is that it has the blessing of estuary which is among the natural wonders where lake, sea, river and beach meet the land. Apart from all the natural blessings that Poovar has, it was once a very busy trading center for spices, ivory, timber and sandalwood. Also one would be very surprised to know that 'Poovar' was once called Pokkumoosapuram and the story behind the name 'Poovar' is that once upon a time during the olden days when kings use to rule this place, in the spring season flowers bloom on both sides of the river Neyyar and when these flowers fall into the river Neyyar, it makes the river more attractive. After looking at this beautiful sight the king commented that this was poo-var which meant 'flower' and 'river'. Tourists visiting Poovar usually book their Poovar Island packages for two to three nights stay. Pick any one of the below Poovar holiday packages and book your first trip to a dream beach destination. Poovar is also much famous for honeymooners and they go with Poovar honeymoon packages.

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