Seminyak is a growing suburb in Kuta. Initially, Seminyak was a separate village and was considered a backwater. In the last few years, fast-paced development has changed it to be one of the poshest and pricey area in Bali that is a mix of both, residential are and a tourist spot. With high-end Boutiques spas and luxurious resorts dominating the place, Seminyak has gained a reputation of being the Shopping capital of Bali.
Many consider Seminyak more laid-back than Kuta, thanks to the quieter beach that is lined with world-class hotels, cafes and restaurants. These restaurants and cafés are known to cater to all your food cravings with a sprinkle of luxury. Jalan Raya Seminyak is one such street that runs parallel to the beach. As the sun sets the same quiet beach become the life of vibrant nightlife, thus making Seminyak a great party destination in Bali. Whether you are seeing a romantic getaway or a relaxing break by the beach, you must consider Seminyak as one of the top places to visit on your Vacation in Bali.
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Seminyak Seminyak Seminyak

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