Tamilnadu is a cultural epitome of South India. It's here the great warriors, rulers as well as artists, poets and thougth leaders of ancient India spread their cultural, linguistic and political mights. There is historical evidence indicating that Tamilnadu was the feeding pot for most of the civilisational maturity of rest of India.

Travelers of current times love Tamilnadu for its color and vivacity. The secret combination lies in deep cultural heritage, showcasing villages, spiritual drive from the ancestoral rituals and century old celebrations and ceremonies. One books a Tamilnadu Tour Packages and sometimes even a Tamilnadu Honeymoon Package for just exactly the same reason.

It would also be unfair if one leaves without mentioning some of the mountain beauties of Tamilnadu - Kodaikanal, Ooty and Yelagiri are famous since the beginning of 18th century mountain lovers. Other key destinations include Kanyakumari, Madurai, Rameswaram, Coimbatore, Tanjavur, Pondicherry, Chennai and Trichy.

Below we have tried compiling a set of Tamilnadu Tour Packages, along with some of them showing how one could plan a great honeymoon in Tamilnadu.

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    Rs 1000 to 1,000,000

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