The Scandinavian Country of Denmark, is an archipelago of around 400 islands. Once home base for fierce Viking warriors, now the country is full of peace loving highly civilized people. It’s free-spirited culture, soothing natural beauty and amazing tourist attractions make Denmark of of the most popular Scandinavian holiday destination. Though spread across many tiny islands, Denmark comprises of three main islands; Jutland, Zealand and Funen. Zealand is home to the country’s capital city, Copenhagen. Whether you want to visit the cities with colorful harbors or the countryside with rolling hills, lakes, and jagged coastline, Denmark offers a perfect holiday experience. Read on to find out about the top things to do in Denmark.

The obvious place to start exploring Denmark is its capital city; Copenhagen. One of Europe’s most charming capital city, Copenhagen has embraced modernity while retaining viking past. The city is alive with it history, art, and entertainment and attracts tourists with varied interests. Start off your sightseeing journey by visiting the the little mermaid, the Tivoli (second oldest amusement park) and the colorful canal of Nyhavn. Copenhagen is also one of the best place to experience the danish ‘Hygge’, thanks to the numerous cosy cafes and restaurants. Funen is the next popular island, after Zealand in Denmark. An idyllic island perfect for romantic getaways, Funen offers picturesque vistas and marvelous historic places. Odense is an important city in funen, and is a must visit for those seeking an wholesome experience of Denmark. When in Funen make sure you visit the Egeskov Castle, the Funen village, Odense Zoo and Hans Christian Andersen Museum.


This seemingly small country offers quite a lot to the travellers who wish to explore it. Do you want to go on a holiday in this Nordic wonderland? Take a look at our Denmark Holiday Packages to plan a seamless holiday experience or just give us a call!

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