In the heart of the European continent, is a country that has impacted the world like none other. Germany, a land blessed with scenic countryside and throbbing cosmopolitan cities makes for a great holiday destination. From the mighty Alps to romantic valleys, from history preserved in the grandest of museums to revolutionary modern cities offer a holiday experience that will leave you in awe.

Sharing its borders with around 9 countries, Germany is a cultural kaleidoscope. It allows you to explore everything starting from idyllic half-timbered villages to great cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. These cities, full of memories from the past are amongst the first to walk the human civilization to a better future. From the Hitler and the Holocaust to MP3 technology, printing press and aspirin, Germany has given the world a lot, each changing the world forever. Deutschland has also given us the Beethoven, the Brothers Grimm and of course the Oktoberfest. With art galleries in abandoned buildings to underground nightclubs, Germany will surprise you with its liveliness.

When Vacationing in Germany, you’ll see the Holocaust memorial and the Berlin gate in the nation’s capital Berlin, cherish the best German beer as well as celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, visit some of the world’s most notable museums in Frankfurt and marvellous architecture and iconic cathedrals in Cologne. Venturing into the German wilderness to reconnect with nature wouldn’t disappoint you. Go boating on the picturesque Konigssee Lake to hiking the Bavarian Alps, you can have a great German adventure holiday.

Best Time to Visit Germany : For settled weather with sunshine and comfortable temperatures, late spring and early autumn – May, September and early October – are the best time to visit: the Germans don't call the harvest season “goldener Oktober” for nothing. The ski season in the Alps runs between Christmas and the end of March.

Best Places to See in Germany : Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin

Top Things to do in Germnay : Visit the multi-cultual city of Leipzig,Visit the romantic Rugen Island, Visit the spectacular River Rhine, Visit the most popular Cologne, The Jewel Box Dresden, Visit the Baltic Seaport of Lubeck, Get lost in the medeival city of Heidelberg, Visit the Berlin Wall, Participate in the Ocktober fest in Munich

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