No country has contributed to art, culture and cuisine the way Italy has. Situated by the Mediterranean Sea this country is home to the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance movement that swept the whole world away.

Italy is the epicentre of the greatest of the Roman Empire. Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo, Galileo and numerous other artists and scholars were a product of Italian culture. Today, with its thriving art scene to a cuisine that has won taste buds all over the world, there is a lot to see and experience in Italy.

Rome the capital of Italy is home to one the Seven Wonders of the World, Colosseum, which is the magnificent ruin of gladiatorial arena from the Roman era. The smallest country of the world, the Vatican comes within Rome.  The charming city of Venice is built on over 100 little islands in the Adriatic Sea.

Connected only through canals like the famous Grand Canal, Venice will charm even the dullest of minds and spark up their imagination. Some of the places that are not to be missed when in Venice include Saint Mark’s Basilica which gives a panoramic view of the city’s red roof,

Piazza San Marco, Burano amongst others. Italy has also given Milan to the world. Milan is not only a global fashion centre but also a financial hub. Sightseeing in Milan includes seeing “The last supper” by da Vinci in the Santa Maria Delle Grazie, gothic Milan Cathedral, the mall in the classic 19th-century arcade; Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle.

Best Time to Visit Italy: April-May: This is the best time for sightseeing in Italy if you are looking for less crowd. Mid-September to Mid-October: During the months of December and January Italy will be flooded with tourists.

Best Places to see in Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Lake Como, Naples, Sorrento.

Top Things to do in Italy: Take a ride on the vaporetto in Venice, Guided tour of the Vatican, Visit the Greek Ruins in Sicily, Sunbathe on Sardinia, Wander around in Rome, Time Travel in Pompeii, Drive in Tuscany.

 A vacation in Italy is all about immersing in a vibrant culture, feasting on a delectable Mediterranean cuisine and having sheer good time. Want to plan a holiday to Italy? Have a look at our value customizable packages to plan a seamless holiday in Italy.

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