Scotland Honeymoon Package Tour

Scotland’s beauty has no limits. The quaint villages, picturesque landscapes, amazing mountains, dramatic coastlines, magnificent castles and culturally vibrant cities make Scotland one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Winter in the Scottish Highlands ranges from November to February so experiencing Scotland in November can be quite thrilling. Scotland honeymoon package tour lets you witness the beauty of this destination with your spouse and create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

The Scottish castles with snow all around look impeccably beautiful during the winter months. These castles will make you feel that you are in a fairyland. The Dunrobin Castle is located on the northern coast and is a must see for everyone visiting Scotland.  The castle has been extravagantly decorated and it has a total of one hundred eighty-nine rooms.  This castle has a very romantic vibe and does not give a feeling that you are in a museum. The lavish rooms and impressive architecture make Dunrobin Castle a fairytale beauty. 
Another notable Scottish castle is the Edinburg Castle. This magnificent castle is an architectural masterpiece.  A guided tour of the castle will let you relish its essence. The grandeur of this royal palace has a historical significance that reflects the country’s tradition and culture.

The remarkable Stirling Castle is located at the top of a large hill and gives a panoramic view of Stirling, Scotland. A guided tour of the castle will let you know the history of this place which is indeed fascinating.  Mary, the former queen of Scotland used to live here for many years. Stirling Castle has witnessed many battles, kings and queens on the site which makes this place worth visiting.

A well known romantic place in Scotland that every honeymoon couple would love is the Aberfeldy. It is a small highland town with cute shops and a distillery. Here, you can take a romantic walk with your partner. The walk to the Birks of Aberfeldy is not at all difficult and when you reach the top, you can witness beautiful waterfalls and a spectacular view. The scenic beauty of this place is so mesmerizing that one can easily spend an entire day over here without getting bored. Spend a peaceful day and express your love to your partner when you are visiting the Birks of Aberfeldy.\

Moray Speyside is a perfect romantic gateway for honeymoon couples. Explore the historic fishing villages, walk along the beach and you might also spot dolphins frolicking near the shore. Visiting Moray Speyside in the month of November would allow you to experience the Colours of Cluny which is an impressive light and sound show.

Scotland in November is sometimes uncertain due to the emergence of winter. But every season has its own charm. In the winter months, daylight starts fading at around 4 o’ clock in the evening, so it is very important to plan accordingly. However, the beauty of Scotland enhances in the winter sunshine with the wild mountains, bare trees and gushing waterfalls.

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