Best of Germany Holiday

Want to plan a holiday where you just see the best of what Germany has to offer? Well, then you are at the right Place. Germany is a country that has significantly changed the world over the centuries. Giving the world the MP3 player, the printing press, Beethoven and yes the Hitler and the Holocaust, Germany has contributed to shaping the civilization we are a part of today. And if you plan on visiting this country then you are in for a roller-coaster ride.
Germany’s enchanting scenery will tug at the artist in you. Darkest of forests, vineyards that go on till the horizon, snow-capped Alps will leave any nature lover with goosebumps. To experience the best of Germany you have to visit the cities of Berlin and Munich. The capital city of Berlin will show you the remnants of the turbulent past of the nation in the form of the Berlin wall and scores of museums that still preserve its history. This city will also show you how Germany has moved on from its past and has become a global leader. With street art that will steal your heart to nightlife that will leave you with amazing memories, Berlin is a must visit when travelling to Germany. On the other hand, if you want to experience the traditional side of Germany you’ll have to head south to Munich. Known all over the world for their beer, the locals are also some of the most traditional Germans who’ll give you a true insight into the German culture. Finally, if you have to experience the best of Germany, you’ll have to visit one of the many quaint half-timbered villages.
If you are ready to visit the best of Germany, Just check out our packages and give us a holler! We’ll make sure you enjoy your holiday while experiencing the best of Germany.
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