Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Why choose Andaman as your Honeymoon destination?

Honeymoons are always special, be it anywhere. The first holiday together after your marriage is all about indulging into one another without any worries, all you need is the right ambience and planning. That’s why planning your honeymoon can become stressful as you try to get the details right. If you’ve been considering on taking up an Andaman honeymoon Package answer the following questions to be sure.

  1. Are you looking for an Indian beach destination for your honeymoon?

  2. Do you want the destination to be exotic as well as fit your budget?

  3. Do you want to try out adventurous activities during your honeymoon?  

If your answers have been YES to all the above questions then Andaman is the Best Indian destination for your honeymoon.

What’s a honeymoon in the Andaman Islands like?

Situated in the south-west of the great Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar islands are an archipelago of 527 islands. What makes Andamans one of the best honeymoon destinations in India is its relaxed atmosphere, plenty of stunning beaches and numerous romantic activities. Blessed with the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is an ideal destination, especially for beach-loving couples. This tropical honeymoon hotspot gives a breathtaking backdrop that will mesmerize you with its aqua green water, silver sandy beaches, breathtaking natural vistas and lush green forests. You could spend some romantic time in your luxurious resort or take up thrilling sports activity and top it off by feasting on fine cuisine. With plenty of sun, sand, and sea your honeymoon will be filled with beautiful adventure. Choose from our Best Andaman honeymoon packages for a perfect honeymoon recipe for you and precious half.

What are the Top Romantic Things to do in Andaman Honeymoon?

Take any Andaman holiday package and you have an array of activities lying in front of you to choose from. Though Andaman is synonymous with serenity and bliss, the islands compliment it with the numerous adventure activities. From scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing to cruising you can choose from a plethora of activities based on whether you are looking for an adrenaline kick or relaxation.

Here is a list of top romantic things to do and places to visit in Andaman:

Top Places to visit in Andamans:

Beaches: A simple google search will show you that Andaman has a host of stunning beaches, many of which are perfect for honeymooners.

Radhanagar beach: Situated in Havelock island, Radhanagar beach gives a perfectly romantic backdrop for the newlyweds. With its palm-lined beach and clear blue waters, in Radhanagar beach, you can go swimming together or maybe just sit on the white sand under the shade of the palm trees and gaze at the sea.

Bharatpur Beach: Bharatpur beach in Neil Island is yet another beach that will leave you feeling nostalgic about your honeymoon for the rest of your life. Just like Radhanagar beach and Bharatpur Beach is blessed with pure white sand, crystal clear waters and the comforting shade of the trees. Apart from being yet another amazing beach, Bharatpur beach also has mesmerising corals that you can marvel at as you snorkel around.

Laxmanpur Beach: One of the least crowded beaches in Andaman islands, Laxmanpur beach is ideal for couples who are looking to simply sit back and relax. Not only does it let you enjoy some privacy, but Laxmanpur beach also gets some spectacular sunsets.


Sightseeing: Another reason why you should select an Andaman honeymoon package for your special occasion is the amazing sightseeing options available in Andaman. So, when the lovebirds are in the mood to explore the beauty of Andaman, they are given with an array of amazing things to see, with are both romantic and fun. Honeymooners can choose whether they want to indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities or take an Andaman honeymoon package with cruise and spend their honeymoon seeing new places while enjoying the luxuries of the cruise.

If you are a couple who’d choose both adrenaline rush along with the luxuries of a cruise, well, that can be done too.

Here are the top places you are your partner can visit during your Honeymoon in Andaman.  

  1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park- Jolly buoy island

  2. Corbyn's Cove

  3. Chidiya Tapu

  4. Ross and Smith Island

  5. Little Andamans

  6. Barren islands

  7. Baratang Island

  8. Mayabunder

  9. North bay island

  10. Great Nicobar island

Where to stay in Andamans for your honeymoon?

One of the best things about celebrating your honeymoon in Andamans is you get to enjoy amazingly luxurious facilities without having to pay a bomb. The availability of numerous stay options to choose from makes Andamans furthermore appealing. From luxurious beachside villas to affordable sea facing hotel rooms, you can stay wherever you want.

Some of the top islands to stay in Andamans during your honeymoon are:

  1. Havelock Island

  2. Neil Island

  3. Ross and Smith Island

When is the best time to visit Andamans?

Though Andamans is a year-round holiday destination, If is best experienced between the months of October and May. The weather is exceptionally good during this time, allowing you to enjoy all the activities you wish to take up. Honeymoon in Andaman in December or any other month is a great idea for those looking for an exotic honeymoon close to home.

How long should an ideal Honeymoon in Andamans be?

Ideally, Andaman honeymoon package is 6 Days 5 Nights long, as it takes around 6 days to really experience the best of Andamans.

Here is a sample Itinerary for an Andaman Honeymoon Package 6 Days 5 Nights

Day 1: Arrive in Port Blair

          Take a City tour

          Visit Cellular jail and attend light & sound show the evening  

Day 2: Havelock

           Experience bliss in Havelock and Radhanagar beach

Day 3: Havelock

            Rest in the lap of nature in Kala Pathar

Day 4: Neil

          Take a Neil Island tour and see the best of  what the island has to offer

Day 5: Port Blair

           Venture beyond the Capital city and explore the stunning Corbyn's Cove beach

Day 6: Departure from Port Blair

           Leave the Love Lair with plenty of amazing memories with your spouse.      

How much will a honeymoon in Andamans cost?       

Andaman Honeymoon Package Price is 24,999*PP (October to May) The above-mentioned price may vary according to the season. It includes the cost of the following:

  1. Hotels

  2. Transfers

  3. Activities

Our Andaman honeymoon package will ensure that honeymooners will have a great time for themselves, whether is spending time walking barefoot on a beach or exploring the magnitude of nature's bounty of the isles. We can help you plan your  Andaman honeymoon packages from Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city. We travel to great lengths to make sure that every detail of your honeymoon getaway becomes an experience of your lifetime. A trip with your newly-wed spouse, and our intricately planned honeymoon packages, along with our dedicated team of experts, will ensure that you have nothing short of an incredible time in Andaman.

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