Andaman Nicobar tour package by cruise

Andaman is a popular Indian destination for beach lovers as it offers you the most mesmerizing sea views with a relaxing environment. And well what better way to enjoy this experience than taking a cruise to Andaman from Kolkata, Chennai or Vizag.

Trust me, while flights would be quick and effective but a cruise will be a great way to explore the ocean and make the most of your trip to this amazing island, a cruise will be better. Don’t worry, you will easily find a good Andaman Nicobar tour package by cruise in your budget range.

Best Time to Plan a Cruise to Andaman

You can plan a cruise to Andaman all year round. However, the ideal time to plan a cruise to Andaman from Kolkata, Vizag, or Chennai is from January to April. This is because the Bay of Bengal region experiences monsoon from October to December which can result in cyclones, storms, etc.

You might find a few good Andaman tour packages which will also include a cruise and will take care of your accommodation and excursions in Andaman too.

Andaman Cruises to Check Out

Once you have reached Andaman by a cruise, it is time to extend your cruise experience and look for an Andaman tour package including a cruise for a relaxing time. Here are a few Andaman cruises to check out:

Andaman Dolphin

One of the best cruises in Andaman, Andaman Dolphin is a fast and stylish cruise ship which can easily cover far off places as well. You can observe the stunning coral reefs and beautiful marine life of Andaman from this cruise which makes it a good choice for tourists.

This Andaman cruise if perfect for families, honeymooners, and groups and will offer you amazing views while exploring the Andaman Islands.

Green Ocean

One of the biggest private cruises between Port Blair and Havelock Island is the Green Ocean. This majestic ship includes an open deck, where the visitors can walk, and a cafeteria to sate your hunger.

You can also dance and listen to music while enjoying the vast expanse of sparkling ocean water while making your journey to the beautiful Havelock Island.

Island Explorer

For people who love sailing, Island Explorer is the best Andaman cruise to experience as it takes place in an old and traditional South East Asia boat. You can book this day cruise to experience a range of activities including but not limited to diving, snorkeling, etc.

Trust me, you would never forget your Andaman trip if you take an Andaman cruise with Island Explorer.

Musafir Andaman

Another amazing Andaman cruise which offers style, agility, and extravagance is the Musafir Andaman cruise. You will cruise along the beautiful and discreet parts of Andaman. And will discover several unexplored places on your way which makes the entire ride thrilling.

They have only 30 seats on every ferry and one can do activities like fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. on this cruise too.

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